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How To Reduce Solder Joint Voids in QFN Components
What techniques and methods can we use regarding our solder paste stencil design to reduce or eliminate solder joint voids in QFN components?
Responses by:
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Kay Parker
Technical Support Engineer, Indium Corporation
Aaron Caplan
Director of Marketing & Training, PACE Worldwide
Edithel Marietti
Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Question About PPM Defect Rate for Reversed Packages
Solder Paste Life on the Stencil
Jumper Wire Gauge
Wet Based Stencil Cleaning or Dry Wipe Stencil Cleaning
Suggested Limit for PCBA Heat Cycles
Rise of Bismuth Levels in our Solder Pots
Options for Reballing BGA Components
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Oct 9, 2023
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Oct 10, 2023
Webinar: Part II: Step-by-step Guide to minimize voiding, HiP, NWO, and Graping Defects
Indium Corporation
Oct 16, 2023
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Oct 25, 2023
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Nov 1, 2023
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What Year Was It?
O.J. Simpson Acquitted
What Year
At the end of a sensational trial, former football star O.J. Simpson is acquitted of the brutal 1994 double murder of his estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.
The day was Oct 3. What year was it?
October 3, 2023
One iPhone Factory Powering Apple's Pivot to India
Set back from a dusty highway in South India, three newly completed factory buildings rise up behind a black spiked iron fence. In their shadow, several yellow construction vehicles sit beside mounds of upturned soil and the skeleton of a half-built warehouse. On a May afternoon this year, a group of women in blue and pink uniforms hurried from one building to another over the din of traffic and construction. This factory complex in Sriperumbudur ...
Vietnam's position in Apple's supply chain
Among them are big names such as Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Technology, Lens Technology, LG Display, LG Innotek, Luxshare Precision, Murata Manufacturing ...
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Rebound bounces onto Canada's supply chain landscape
Rebound Electronics, a UK-based distributor of electronic components with offices in 20 countries, officially created a beachhead in Canada in November 2021 by ...
Apple will issue a software update to address iPhone 15 overheating complaints
Apple said that it will issue a software update that would address customer complaints about the latest iPhone 15 models, released just over a week ago, running hot. ...
Sharing at Work Can Be Good. Oversharing Is Not.
The quality of the woman's work had been sliding. Yasmin Sampson-Da Rocha pulled the woman into yet another meeting to try to figure out what was going on. Finally ...
Will Generative AI Help or Harm Embedded Software Developers?
This year's boom in generative artificial intelligence has made embedded software developers reimagine what AI can do. Speculation surrounding AI's ability to amplify ...
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Retinal Imaging Device Manufacturer Hits the Bullseye with MRP Software
"MRPeasy is the most useful piece of software I've seen in at least 10 years," says Lindsey Daniels, Project Manager at RetiVue, about her experience with their ...
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Scientists discover a durable but sensitive material for high energy X-ray detection
X-ray technology plays a vital role in medicine and scientific research, providing non-invasive medical imaging and insight into materials. Recent advancements in X-ray ...
Exploring the Reliability Limits for Silicone Adhesives
Paper determines "life expectancies" as well as an extrapolated estimate of the Underwriter's Laboratories' "continuous use" temperature rating.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
China plus one: Will the dragon now make way for the elephant?
India's manufacturing sector is riding the tailwinds arising from a Western shift in interest away from China. As a result, large conglomerates from sectors like electronics ...
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Why GPUs are the New Kings of Cache. Explained.
It wasn't that far back that if you wanted a processor with tons of cache buried inside it, then CPUs were the obvious choice. Now, even budget-level GPUs come ...
Process Control and Reliability of Reworked BGAs
The lead-free solder does not wet metal surfaces as well as tin-lead metallurgy. This narrows down the process window for lead-free solder.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Apple's India iPhone factory still has growing pains post-protests
A profile of Apple's major iPhone factory in India's Sriperumbudur shows the rapid expansion of the facility, and despite recovering from one set of problems, there are ...
Apple Insider
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Henkel Corporation
Henkel Corporation's Adhesive Technologies Industrial Business (AEI) is focused on developing high-performance materials for a ...
Kyzen Corporation
KYZEN has been pioneering award-winning, environmentally responsible, advanced cleaning technologies since 1990 by fusing our ...
Epic Resins
Epic Resins is a leader in the production of epoxy and polyurethane resin manufacturing, specializing ...
Fisnar Inc.
We offer the largest selection of products including a valve for every type of material ...
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Indium Expert to Present During Power Electronics Webinar Hosted by EPP
Indium Corporation
Solderstar to Unveil New Soldering Technologies at Productronica 2023
Yamaha powers surface-mount production upgrade at innovator Vimar
Yamaha Robotics
TAGARNO Offers Illuminating Insights: Enhance Your Digital Microscope
HyRel Tech Achieves AS9100 Certification, Elevating Aerospace Excellence
HyRel Technologies
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