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Insufficient Plated Hole Fill with Electrolytic Capacitors
We are having problems achieving the minimum hole of 75% on electrolytic capacitors using our wave soldering. What do you suggest?
Responses by:
Paul J. Koep
Global Product Manager, Alpha
Greg York
Technical Sales Manager, BLT Circuit Services Ltd
Rodney Miller
Capital Equipment Operations Manager, Specialty Coating Systems
Leo Lambert
Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Peter Biocca
Senior Market Development Engineer, Kester
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Subrat Prajapati
Supplier Quality Leader, Ge Healthcare
Lee Levine
President, Consultant, Process Solutions Consulting Inc.
Terry Munson
President/Senior Technical Consultant, Foresite
Gerard O'Brien
President, S T and S Testing and Analysis
Kris Roberson
Manager of Assembly Technology, IPC
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Indium Corporation
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Eutect GmbH
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Enhancement of product quality using functional nanocoatings
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Cementex Announces Range of T-Handle Tools
Cimetrix Launch First Connectivity-as-a-Service Offering in Webinar
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