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It's our job to dig through the hundreds of news stories and articles worldwide covering electronics assembly every day. We don't waste your time with everyday business news. We select and link to only the biggest new ideas and articles.

The result: Circuitnet is designed for business professionals from the world of electronics assembly who need to know -- and who bear the responsibility of looking ahead, thinking, imagining the future, and preparing for it. We package links to these important news stories every business day in a concise, one-page email newsletter.

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The most powerful weapon in today's economy is access to high-quality information.
But here's a shocker. To find it, you don't need to visit R&D labs. You don't need to interrogate economists. You don't need to bribe clerks at the U.S. Patent Office.

Nearly all the high-quality information on electronics manufacturing is public - but you have to know how and where to find it. We've developed a methodical and time-tested routine combining decades of experience to identify the most significant news reports and articles from 127 outstanding information sources.

The fact is, few people can keep up with all the new ideas that are generated in the business press. Every day, up to one thousand articles about electronics manufacturing and assembly are published in magazines, newspapers, journals, newsletters, and websites.

You can be buried by this information landslide... or you can profit from it. The big new ideas and insights that ultimately filter down and affect electronics manufacturing at the operational level are published first in professional journals.

But you'll also find related articles in publications such as MIT Technology Review, Popular Science, and BBC Technology News. These publications introduce important new ideas and insights about the new economy, technology, communications, consumer trends, and many other areas of intense interest to electronics manufacturing professionals.

A smarter approach.
If you could read all these publications cover to cover, you would know much more about what's happening in our industry. But you can't read them all. Instead, you can do something better... cheaper... faster... and more convenient. You can subscribe to Circuitnet.

Every business day, you'll receive a one-page run-down linking to the most important articles published anywhere. But the real value of Circuitnet is what you will learn about that will impact your company, your career, and even your wallet.

We continuously review the information sources that would take you hundreds of hours to scan, select, and read the best material. This doesn't count the time needed to analyze the concepts and draw conclusions and forecasts from this material.

Not even the smartest engineers and managers can spend a tiny fraction of their time on this kind of wide-ranging research in addition to their regular duties -- yet one of their primary responsibilities is to lead their companies into the future!

We don't waste your time with everyday business news. We select and link to only the biggest new ideas and articles. The result: Circuitnet is an important new editorial service for business professionals, such as yourself, who need to know -- and who bear the responsibility of looking ahead, thinking, imagining the future, and preparing for it.

We're possessed by a passion for seeking and finding genuinely new ideas, incisive insights, and new ways of thinking about business. Our goal is to keep you informed of the "must-know" ideas and insights.

And because Circuitnet brings you the best of the big ideas when they're new, you're always ahead of the pack -- with brilliant insights and sure knowledge of their implications and what the future promises.

We read day and night, so you won't have to.
Starting now, you can forget that stack of unread magazines. We search day and night so you won't have to. Just subscribe to Circuitnet, and you'll receive your email update every business day. With Circuitnet, you'll read far less -- and learn much more!

Remember that Circuitnet is delivered by email. If you're not entirely satisfied, the unsubscribe link is just one click away.

Jeff Ferry

Ken Cavallaro
Business Manager