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Apr 19, 2024
First Major Attempts to Regulate AI Face Headwinds from All Sides
Tech giants face mounting scrutiny over AI bias as lobbyists push for regulation. Concerns grow over discriminatory algorithms in hiring, lending, and law enforcement. Calls intensify for transparent, accountable AI frameworks to address systemic biases.
AP News

Apr 19, 2024
Foxconn confirms rotating CEO system in place since April
Foxconn's chairman, Young Liu, confirmed plans for a rotational CEO system at Autotromics Taipei. The initiative, in motion since April, aims to broaden CEOs' understanding of business groups. While specifics remain undisclosed, potential rotations may involve business group leaders.

Apr 19, 2024
Apple planning US$250 million expansion in Singapore to write 'new chapter' in company's history in city state
Apple is set to invest $250 million in expanding its operations in Singapore, marking a significant chapter in the tech giant's history in the city-state. The move underscores Apple's commitment to innovation and growth in Southeast Asia.
South China Morning Post

Apr 19, 2024
Samsung & TSMC Bolster U.S. Advanced Chip-Making
Samsung and TSMC commit to expanding advanced chip manufacturing in the U.S., aiming to bolster domestic supply chains and meet growing demand for semiconductors, boosting America's tech competitiveness amid global chip shortages.
EPS News

Apr 19, 2024
Untether Collaborates With Arm For Automotive AI
Untether, in partnership with Arm, advances automotive AI by integrating Untether's software with Arm's platforms. The collaboration aims to enhance safety and efficiency in vehicles through optimized AI solutions tailored for automotive applications.
EE Times

Apr 19, 2024
50 Years Later, This Apollo-Era Antenna Still Talks to Voyager 2
Deep Space Station 43, nestled near Canberra, Australia, has been pivotal for over five decades, facilitating communication between Earth and celestial probes like Voyagers and Curiosity rover. Recognized as an IEEE Milestone, it remains vital for deep space exploration.
IEEE Spectrum

Apr 19, 2024
Neuchips Driving AI Innovations in Inferencing
NeuChips leads AI innovation in inferencing with its revolutionary architecture, enabling high-speed, energy-efficient processing. Their cutting-edge solutions promise to reshape industries, from autonomous vehicles to healthcare, with faster, more accurate decision-making capabilities.
EE Times

Apr 19, 2024
Advancing Smart Cities Through Innovative PoE Technology
Pioneering PoE technology is revolutionizing smart cities, enabling seamless integration of diverse devices like streetlights and sensors. By transmitting power and data through existing infrastructure, it's driving efficiency and sustainability in urban environments.
EE Times

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