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Nov 24, 2021
Global Smartphone Sales Declined 6.8% in Q3
Global smartphone sales to end-users declined 6.8% in the third quarter of 2021, compared to the same time period in 2020, according to Gartner, Inc. Component shortages disrupted production schedules, leading to lower inventory and delayed product availability, which eventually impacted sales to end-users. "Despite strong consumer demand, smartphone sales declined due to delayed ...

Nov 24, 2021
Roadmap Emerges for Testing Driver Monitoring
Alongside speeding, major causes of fatal motor crashes are distraction, drowsiness and impairment. I'll dissect recent research outlining plans for the European New Car ...
EE Times

Nov 24, 2021
Industry watch: How we may see the business environments 10 years from now
Facebook may be lucrative today, but not necessarily so tomorrow, according to Hsi-Peng Lu, a professor at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Facebook's ...

Nov 24, 2021
Tesla will spend at least $1.06 billion on Texas 'Gigafactory' and hopes to finish it this year, filings show
Tesla will spend over $1 billion on a new vehicle factory in Austin, Texas, and aims to complete construction of several major elements of the complex by Dec. 31, according ...

Nov 24, 2021
Years Later, Alphabet's Everyday Robots Have Made Some Progress
Google or Alphabet or X or whatever you want to call it announced that its Everyday Robots team has grown enough and made enough progress that it's time for it to ...
IEEE Spectrum

Nov 24, 2021
Samsung picks Taylor, Texas, as site of new US$17 bln chip plant
Samsung Electronics Co. said it has selected the city of Taylor in Texas as the site of its new US$17 billion chip fabrication plant, a move to boost production amid a global ...
Yonhap News Agency

Nov 24, 2021
How AI Is Poised to Help Humanity
Recent advances in artificial intelligence have caused a surge of public and business interest in this remarkable technology. Though most of its applications are still in their ...

Nov 24, 2021
Can Earth's Digital Twins Help Us Navigate the Climate Crisis?
Powerful climate models have helped dispel any uncertainty about the scale of the climate crisis the world faces. But these models are large global simulations that can't ...
IEEE Spectrum

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