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Feb 7, 2023
It's Time to be Practical About Supply Chain AI
For the past two years the electronics supply chain has been about reacting to disruption — Covid-19, the chip shortage and endless logistics delays. In response, more supply chain stakeholders are embracing digitization and applying technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to help manage a wide range of supply issues. However, as of 2022, only 15% of companies are using AI ...
EPS News

Feb 7, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Sven Frischen-Nocher, GM, COO, VP, INGUN USA, Inc.
2022 was a special year for INGUN USA. With another record year we also celebrated our 10th Anniversary. In these last 10 years, INGUN USA established itself not just as a reliable supplier to the electronics industry but more an important partner as our mission is to be a Partner for future technology. Wherever the trends ...

Feb 7, 2023
Retailers in China enact rare price cuts for Apple's high-end iPhone 14 line
Major retailers in China slashed the price of Apple's high-end iPhone 14 models amid a slump in smartphone demand in the world's second-largest economy. E-commerce site ...

Feb 7, 2023
Samsung begins India assembly of flagship phones
Samsung Electronics Co has begun making its fold and flip smartphones as well as its latest Galaxy S23 flagship in India, renewing its focus on a key growth market where ...
Taipei Times

Feb 7, 2023
Scientists accidentally create new form of ice not expected to exist
Researchers at University College London (UCL) and Cambridge discovered a new form of ice. It is not naturally created on Earth but may exist on the icy moons of gas giants. ...

Feb 7, 2023
MIT engineers are making vertical micro-LEDs for next-generation displays and VR goggles
An international team of scientists led by MIT engineers developed a way to make defect-free micro-LED wafers using a vertical approach that could pave the way for a ...

Feb 7, 2023
How Facing Your Demons Improves Your Business and Your Relationships
Understanding yourself and your demons is what separates average entrepreneurs from great ones. The ability of a business owner to look inward and not only ...

Feb 7, 2023
AI set to replace jobs, but traders say not theirs
Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems stand to threaten jobs primarily in the financial, legal and technology sectors, a MLIV Pulse survey says. What is more striking ...
Taipei Times

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