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About Us
Jeff Ferry, Editor in Chief / Publisher

We believe it's our job to dig through the unending stream of news, articles, features, and discussions to deliver news and information, covering the world of electronics manufacturing, to our readers. We conveniently deliver this simple news digest to our subscribers via email every business day.

Our daily email newsletter features links to the hottest business and technology news stories and feature articles in the industry. We also publish the latest corporate and product news announcement that you may find useful.

Every month we publish links to more than 200 electronics industry news stories; more than 40 feature articles on the assembly process, PCBs, packaging and design; and more than 40 corporate and product news releases. We also provide links to the industry's best technical forums. And you'll also find tips, commentaries, contests, surveys, and industry event calendar and more.

About Us
Ken Cavallaro,
Why Circuitnet? Isn't it time someone created a simple email newsletter with links to the most important and timely news you need to do your job. News that will help you stay ahead of the competition, news that will help you do your job better, news that you should know about. That's why Circuitnet!

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