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Oct 3, 2023
How To Reduce Solder Joint Voids in QFN Components
What techniques and methods can we use regarding our solder paste stencil design to reduce or eliminate solder ...

Oct 2, 2023
Question About PPM Defect Rate for Reversed Packages
Which process/equipment has the higher ppm defect rate for reversed packages: SMT pick-and-place or component taping-and-reeling? I have ...

Sep 29, 2023
Solder Paste Life on the Stencil
Our solder paste has a specified life for exposure on the stencil at 10 hours. We run our ...

Sep 28, 2023
Jumper Wire Gauge
Is there a recommended gauge and insulation type for standard circuit board jumper wires? Is there a suggested ...

Sep 27, 2023
Wet Based Stencil Cleaning or Dry Wipe Stencil Cleaning
For automatic under-stencil cleaning there are many cleaning methods including dry vacuum cleaning, and wet dry vacuum cleaning. ...

Sep 26, 2023
Suggested Limit for PCBA Heat Cycles
What is the suggested limit for the total number heating cycles that can be done on one PCB ...

Sep 25, 2023
Rise of Bismuth Levels in our Solder Pots
We have an issue of concentrating bismuth in our selective solder machines. We have two machine and both ...

Sep 22, 2023
Options for Reballing BGA Components
Which of the following do you recommend when reballing BGA components? Reballing with solder paste and solder spheres, ...

Sep 21, 2023
BGA Component Cleaning Spec
Is there a standard or or specification covering requirements for BGA cleaning after rework? ...

Sep 20, 2023
Solder Mask Thickness Tolerance
Our standard PCB fabrication drawing indicates solder mask of 0.8mil thickness. If this is an acceptable standard note, ...

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