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Insufficient Barrel Fill on Through-hole Components
We are having issues with barrel fill. We are using a lead free, no-clean flux process. The issues is with through hole connectors with lead retention ...
Responses by:
Tim O'Neill
Technical Marketing Manager, AIM
Leo Lambert
Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Bill Coleman
Vice President Technology, Photo Stencil
Kishan Sarjoo
Process Engineering Manager - Electronics, Altech UEC, South Africa
Mahesh V Draksharapu
Independent Consultant,
Tony Lentz
Field Applications, FCT Assembly
Brien Bush
Manufacturing Applications Specialist, Cirtronics Corp.
Kay Parker
Technical Support Engineer, Indium Corporation
Michael Kaminsky
Sr Fiald Applications Support Engineer, Kester Inc.
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Mark Northrup
VP of Advanced Technical Operations, IEC Electronics
Edithel Marietti
Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Mitch Holtzer
Director of Reclaim Business, Alpha Assembly Solutions
Tom Schardt
Industrial Engineer, Red Lion Controls, Inc.
Package-on-Package Rework
Toe Fillet Requirements on Gull Wing Components
Gold Plating and Embrittlement
Soldering Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
Mixing Different SAC305 Solders
Dross Particles Sticking to PCBs
Cleaning with Sodium Bicarbonate
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Jan 21, 2021
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What Year Was It?
Queen Victoria Dies
What Year
The death of Queen Victoria ends an era in which most of her British subjects know no other monarch. Her reign, the longest in British history, saw the growth of an empire on which the sun never set.
The day was Jan 22. What year was it?
January 22, 2021
Designing Customized 'Brains' for Robots
Contemporary robots can move quickly. "The motors are fast, and they're powerful," says Sabrina Neuman. Yet in complex situations, like interactions with people, robots often don't move quickly. "The hang up is what's going on in the robot's head," she adds. Perceiving stimuli and calculating a response takes a "boatload of computation," which limits reaction time, says Neuman, who recently ...
MIT News
VIEWPOINT 2021: Mr. Daisuke Yoshihara, General Sales Manager, Yamaha Motor Europe IM Business
A Challenging Year Has Driven Inspiring Solutions for the Future. Of course, everyone is hoping that 2021 will be better than 2020. The pandemic has brought many challenges and we have all been forced to adapt to protect our health and our livelihoods. When the crisis reached Europe, with factories stopped ...
Yamaha Motor Europe IM Business
VIEWPOINT 2021: Justin Cody Worden, Director of Business Development, Austin American Technology
2020 was the year of unknown trends that made even the largest and most profitable companies nervous day after day. I joined Austin American Technology (AAT) as their Director of Business Development to oversee the sales and marketing efforts midway through the year. The timing of my hire came as a surprise to many within ...
Austin American Technology
Hon Hai's new AI algorithm cuts inspection manpower at plants
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. announced that it has launched a new unsupervised learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that effectively cuts inspection ...
Focus Taiwan
FAA Files Reveal a Surprising Threat to Airline Safety: the U.S. Military's GPS Tests
Early one morning last May, a commercial airliner was approaching El Paso International Airport, in West Texas, when a warning popped up in the cockpit: "GPS Position ...
IEEE Spectrum
CES 2021: FEMA's Emergency Alert System Coming to a Game or Gadget Near You?
It was easy for exhibitors to get lost in the virtual shuffle at CES 2021, where the digital exhibit hall simply displayed the logos of the 1900-plus exhibitors. To get any ...
IEEE Spectrum
It's Time to Look at FD-SOI (Again)
The emergence of FD-SOI, (fully depleted silicon-on-insulator) and its subsequent maturity over the years, has made it one of the seminal process advancements for ...
EE Times
Finding the Cause of Cold Solder Joints
We have continual problem with our wave soldering system, especially cold solder joints. Could the cold solder joints be caused by using a selective soldering frame? ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
The Future Is Taking Shape Before Our Eyes
The US regulator for automotive safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), has just announced a change in the rules covering driving ...
Why Qualcomm Is Set for Auto DMS Dominance
CES 2021 revealed in-cabin AI as the hottest trend in automotive. This has profound implications for the driver monitoring system (DMS) market, potentially setting ...
EE Times
Shake Up Coming For Auto industry
"Apple and Foxconn will change the automotive world," said Penn, "the auto industry is re-structuring - it's easier for Apple and Tesla to get into EVs than it is for the ...
Copper Electrodeposition By Hydrogen Evolution Assisted Electroplacing
A technique called hydrogen evolution assisted electroplating, has shown enhancement to the deposition rate of copper compared to galvanostatic conventional electroplating ...
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Beyond Bitcoin: China's Surveillance Cash
Of all the technological revolutions we'll live through in this next decade, none will be more fundamental or pervasive than the transition to digital cash. Money touches ...
IEEE Spectrum
✷ ✷ Supplier Spotlight ✷ ✷
Kester is a leading global supplier of ...
KVMS was founded early 1999, in Turnhout, ...
Transforming Technologies
Transforming Technologies
Transforming Technologies provides comprehensive knowledge of electrostatic ...
Quasys AG
Quasys AG
Since 1989, Quasys AG supplies the Swiss ...
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ZESTRON and GEN3 Systems Collaboration
HZO Hosts Webinar: Risk, Reliability & Revenue
Seika Machinery Launches Sawa Multi-Purpose Cleaning System
Seika Machinery, Inc.
SMS Electronics Puts it Facility into Focus, It's Smart Made Simple
Smart Made Simple - SMS
Diamond Filled Underfill: SMT 158D8
YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC
EpoxiCast M21, Electronic Assembly adhesive
EpoxySet Inc.
Indium Introduces New Fast-Wetting, Low-Spatter Flux-Cored Wire
Indium Corporation
MicroCare Receives FDA Registration for SterezeTM Hand Sanitizing Solutions
MicroCare Corporation
Europlacer Appoints Fran├žois Erceau to Drive Strategic Global Marketing
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