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Water Wash vs. No-clean
How do we decide whether to choose a water wash process, or a no-clean process, for a contract manufacturing purchase order when neither process is mandated ...
Responses by:
Georgian Simion
Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
Edithel Marietti
Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Mike Konrad
President, Aqueous Technologies
Carlos Bouras
General Manager, Nordson SELECT
Terry Munson
President/Senior Technical Consultant, Foresite
Kevin Mobley
PCBA Engineering Liaison, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Brien Bush
Manufacturing Applications Specialist, Cirtronics Corp.
Paul Austen
Senior Project Engineer, Electronic Controls Design Inc
Rick Perkins
President, Chem Logic
Stephen Schoppe
President, Process Sciences, Inc.
Tony Lentz
Field Applications, FCT Assembly
Rick Kompelien
Principal Product Engineer, Benchmark Electronics, Inc.
Dam & Fill vs. Conformal Coating
Overlap Solder Joint Failures
SMT Target Component Placement
Problems With Large Voids
Stainless Steel Benches and ESD
Exposed Copper Defect
Seeking IPC and J-STD Definitions
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Sep 24, 2020
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What Year Was It?
Central High School Integrated
What Year
Under escort from the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division, nine black students enter all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.
The day was Sep 25. What year was it?
September 25, 2020
Electronics End Markets are Rebounding
The global coronavirus has upended many of the metrics used to forecast supply, demand, economic activity and financial stability. Two electronics associations, the IPC and ECIA, report electronics markets are recovering, but forward momentum is decelerating. "The economy improved over the last month, but it is clear that momentum is slowing and future growth will likely be more difficult to come by," ...
EPS News
How Huawei grew to dominate the world
From its earliest years, the telecommunications equipment industry has been considered strategic by the governments of highly industrialized countries. As such, national ...
Asia Times
Tesla's Nevada lithium plan faces stark obstacles on path to production
Tesla Inc's plan to produce lithium for electric vehicle batteries close to its Nevada Gigafactory faces stark challenges from the outset, including an onerous permitting ...
DARPA: Research Advances for Near-Zero-Power Sensors
Some battlefield sensors that used to run out of power in months (if not weeks) can now keep providing valuable intelligence for up to four years before their coin ...
EE Times
First 4D Imaging Radar Sensors for ADAS to Ship in Vehicles in 2021
Continental announced it is using Xilinx FPGAs to deploy the automotive industry's first production-ready 4D imaging radar, expected to ship in passenger vehicles in ...
EE Times
California Will Only Allow Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales By 2035
California Gov. Gavin Newsom this week announced a statewide ban on new gas and diesel vehicle sales by 2035. The executive order issued, aims to accelerate The ...
U.S., Chinese diplomats signal tricky road ahead for climate diplomacy
After several years of dismissing global action to fight climate change, U.S. leadership was formally challenged this week by China announcing bold new climate pledges. ...
The operating manual for one of the world's oldest computers has been unearthed
Why it matters: The instruction manual for one of the world's oldest digital computers has been unearthed. With it, researchers now have a complete understanding ...
Is No-Clean the Trend for QFN Components?
Is there a move to no-clean for QFN components, or will certain technologies have to continue using a traditional cleaning process? The Assembly Brothers, Phil Zarrow ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Emerging Memories May Never Go Beyond Niche Applications
It is time for a frank discussion about emerging memories. Many have now been percolating for decades with the promise of displacing established incumbents such ...
EE Times
Caught in China-U.S. trade war, Taiwan offers support to chipmakers
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen promised to help the island's key semiconductor industry overcome difficulties and consolidate its leading position, offering support ...
Novel Pogo-Pin Socket Design for Automated Linearity Testing
A novel pogo-pin block array and corresponding motorized test socket has been designed to stimulate the MCM and acquire full functional test data.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Are You a Workaholic? How To Focus on Working Smart Instead of Hard In 2020.
When you are an entrepreneur, working tirelessly seems not to be an option, but a commitment. Mainly because of the desire that everything goes well and also because ...
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What plane did Aerospatiale of France and the British Aircraft Corp. develop?
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2020 Charles Hutchins Educational Grant Winner Announced
Aismalibar Adds Steven Calvert As Field Applications Engineer
Indium Corporation Expert to Present at IMPACT-EMAP
Indium Corporation
ASM opens up new possibilities in high-volume solder paste printing
ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co.
Record 293,000 Robots In United States' Factories – IFR reports
The International Federation of Robotics
Have a video call with a microscope
Ventec Launches High-Speed Material Option Cladded with Resistor Foil
Ventec International Group Co., Ltd.
Radiant Presents MicroLED Test and Correction Methods
Radiant Vision Systems, LLC
STI to Exhibit at SMTA LIVE Virtual Exposition
STI Electronics, Inc.
Fully Customizable ACS/Uni-Fab™ Pre-Wired Load Centers
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What plane did Aerospatiale of France and the British Aircraft Corp. develop?
Answer: The Concorde