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How Many Fiducials Per Solder Paste Stencil?
We manufacture solder paste stencils for a variety of customers. We have seen as many as 180 fiducials per stencil with a step ...
Responses by:
Richard D. Stadem
Advanced Engineer/Scientist, General Dynamics
Stephanie Nash
Director, Integrated Ideas & Technologies, Inc.
Bill Coleman
Vice President Technology, Photo Stencil
Scott Wischoffer
Marketing Manager, Fuji America Corporation
T.J. Hughes
Manufacturing Engineer, Esterline Interface Technologies
Kishan Sarjoo
Process Engineering Manager - Electronics, Altech UEC, South Africa
Bottom Terminated Components and Vias
Reliability Concerns When Converting to Lead-free
Solution for Warped PCBAs
Epoxy Wicking up Wire Insulation
Floor Life of MSD Parts
SOT (Small Outline Transistor) Body Cracks
Delamination Causing Scrap
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Apr 12, 2024
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What Year Was It?
The day was Apr 12. What year was it?
The Civil War Begins
What Year
The bloodiest four years in American history begin when Confederate shore batteries under General P.G.T. Beauregard open fire on Union-held Fort Sumter in South Carolina's Charleston Bay.
See the answer below.
What Year Was It Answer
The Civil War Begins
Answer: April 12, 1861
April 12, 2024
Supply Chain Data Points to Growing Demand
Supply chain data indicates surging demand across various sectors, fueled by economic recovery and technological advancements. Electronics, automotive, and healthcare industries experience notable growth, prompting manufacturers to ramp up production and optimize logistics.
EPS News
This Futuristic Wearable Smartphone Alternative Projects a Screen on Your Palm — And It's Now Widely Available
Humane's Ai Pin, a wearable smartphone alternative, launches in the U.S., boasting a screenless, seamless experience. It offers voice-activated AI assistance, hand gesture control, real-time translations, and more. Despite mixed reviews, founders envision a screenless future.
Apple shares just had their best day since last May
Apple stock surged to its highest point since May, marking its best day in nearly a year, driven by robust iPhone sales and optimism surrounding the company's expansion into new markets.
Embedded World 2024: Day Three Closing Thoughts
Embedded World 2024 concluded with industry experts reflecting on emerging trends like AI-driven edge computing and the integration of 5G, highlighting the pivotal role of collaboration in navigating challenges and driving innovation in the rapidly evolving embedded landscape.
EE Times
Apple will soon allow iPhone repairs with used parts
Apple announces plans to authorize iPhone repairs with used parts, expanding options beyond original components. This move aims to enhance accessibility and affordability for users seeking device fixes, potentially shaking up the repair market dynamics.
Robots Are Advancing Quickly
Automation revolutionizes manufacturing, boosting efficiency and precision. Cutting-edge technologies like robotics and AI streamline processes, driving innovation. Manufacturers embrace automation for competitive edge, ushering in a new era of productivity and quality.
Design News
Scaling individual impact: Insights from an AI engineering leader
AI engineering leader shares insights on scaling individual impact. Emphasizing collaboration and adaptability, strategies for leveraging AI's potential in diverse fields are discussed, highlighting the importance of personalized approaches for maximizing effectiveness in technology-driven solutions.
MIT Technology Review
Intel Paints Their AI Future with Gaudi 3
Intel's AI roadmap takes shape with Gaudi-3, a revolutionary chip designed to power AI workloads efficiently. With advanced features like in-memory computing, Intel aims to reshape the landscape of artificial intelligence, promising faster, more efficient processing.
EE Times
How To Verify Cleanliness After Rework and Prior to Re-coating?
Rework on a coated assembly happens often. How do you verify cleanliness of the rework site prior to re-coating? Jim Hall and Phil Zarrow, The Assembly Brothers, discuss this question and share their expertise.
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
India's electronic manufacturing industry set for 41% annual growth by FY26
India's electronic manufacturing industry is poised for explosive growth, projected at 41% annually until FY 26, driven by government initiatives and global manufacturing trends. Despite strides, challenges like laptop imports from China persist.
The Times Of India
Choosing the lesser of two evils: EU's probes on Chinese EV, solar panels
Following an investigation into subsidies for China-made EVs in 2023, the EU contemplates reigniting anti-dumping and anti-subsidy probes on Chinese PV panels. This move signals renewed scrutiny over trade practices amid growing tensions in the renewable energy market.
A.I. Deployment in Verification Tool for Inspection Equipment
AI has been deployed in the verification tool with studies conducted to compare the effectiveness and efficiency of the tool versus human operation.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
AI: Friend or Foe of Chrysler Designers?
Chrysler designers navigate the complex relationship with AI, leveraging its potential for innovation while grappling with its limitations and challenges. Balancing creativity and efficiency, they harness AI as a powerful tool in automotive design evolution.
Design News
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Test Your Knowledge
Arrange these parts of the human body by the number of bones they contain (most to least): Hand, Skull, Foot
See answer below.
Industry Press
Underfill Epoxy Offers High Glass Transition Temperature and Low Viscosity
Master Bond
Seika Machinery Recognizes Outstanding Sales Achievements at IPC APEX EXPO
Seika Machinery, Inc.
Henkel innovation strength rewarded; two products land high honors
Henkel Corporation
Mycronic receives order for an SLX mask writer
Mycronic AB
Data I/O Announces Major Milestone with 500th PSV System Sale Ahead of APEX
Data I/O Corporation
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Test Your Knowledge Answer
Arrange these parts of the human body by the number of bones they contain (most to least): Hand, Skull, Foot
Answer: Hand 27 bones, Foot 26, Skull 22