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Problems With Large Voids
I work at a very fast paced quick turn prototype house. Recently we had large voids on a 30mm x 30mm QFN Module. The voids were 50%-75%. Every single board failed. ...
Responses by:
Georgian Simion
Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
Bill Coleman
Vice President Technology, Photo Stencil
Demetrius Chrysostomou
Director of Technology, PVA TePla
Leo Lambert
Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Kay Parker
Technical Support Engineer, Indium Corporation
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Kevin Pigeon
Senior Applications Manager, AIM Solder
Stainless Steel Benches and ESD
Exposed Copper Defect
What's Causing Cloudy Conformal Coating
Channels To Reduce Voids in Large Pads
Options for Reballing BGA Components
Aluminum Trays and Rapid Static Discharge
BGA Solder Ball Shelf Life
Industry Calendar
Sep 22, 2020
InSIDER Series: Entendiendo y solucionando el defecto de voids en componentes BTCs (QFNs)
Indium Corporation
Sep 22, 2020
iMAPS New England's 47th Symposium
Sep 23, 2020
Design for Manufacture(DfM) in PCB Production Webinar
Sep 24, 2020
FREE XJTAG Hands-on Practical Boundary Scan Webinar - USA
Sep 27, 2020
SMTA International 2020
What Year Was It?
Benedict Arnold Commits Treason
What Year
During the American Revolution, American General Benedict Arnold meets with British Major John Andre to discuss handing over West Point to the British, in return for the promise of a large sum of money and a high position in the British army.
The day was Sep 21. What year was it?
September 21, 2020
The Exodus Of Chinese Manufacturing
It's not breaking news that manufacturing is leaving China. Over the last twenty years, Chinese manufacturing has dominated over the rest of the world. This was driven primarily from optimized shipping lanes and extremely cheap labor rates by way of government subsidies. These two benefits made enough sense financially for brands to withstand quality issues, shipping timelines, communication ...
Autonomous Vehicles in China
China is making major investments in autonomous vehicles (AVs) and are planning extensive development in all aspects of this emerging segment of the auto ...
EE Times
How Much Gold Is in Your Computer and How Efficient It Is to Reclaim It
Did you know your old electronics, like your ex-computer, have actual gold inside of them? But where, and can you extract it? Not only that, but they can also include ...
Interesting Engineering
All must come aboard for a smooth ride to a carbon-neutral future
From Britain, Denmark and New Zealand to Myanmar, Senegal and the Marshall Islands, more than 120 countries, rich and poor, have set their sights on the same goal ...
Taipei Times
Memory Technologies Confront Edge AI's Diverse Challenges
With the rise of AI at the edge comes a whole host of new requirements for memory systems. Can today's memory technologies live up to the stringent demands ...
EE Times
How to Make Big Decisions When Facing an Unpredictable Future
Business owners are being asked to create a vision and a strategy for an uncertain future. Many entrepreneurs are struggling to predict what the next 6 weeks might ...
Gartner Says Worldwide Robotic Process Automation Software Revenue to Reach Nearly $2 Billion in 2021
Global robotic process automation (RPA) software revenue is projected to reach $1.89 billion in 2021, an increase of 19.5% from 2020, according to the latest forecast ...
China rolls out fresh policies to boost hydrogen vehicle sales
China rolled out fresh policies to support hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to improve the industry's supply chain and technologies, the finance ministry said. China is ...
New Opportunities Lag-Free Wireless Connections
Researchers are proposing a system that would use underutilized resources in a wireless channel to create opportunities for lag-free connections.
Circuit Insight - Technology Briefing
Nvidia's Deal for Arm is a Game Changer
After much posturing, gnashing of teeth and the seeking of political cover, the graphics chip juggernaut Nvidia will acquire the hottest of technology properties, ...
EE Times
Apple to launch first online store in India next week
Apple Inc will launch its first online store in India on Sept. 23, the iPhone maker said on Friday, coinciding with the country's holiday season that brings some of the ...
Additive Manufacturing-Enabled Wireless Flexible Hybrid Electronics
This paper reports an ensemble of strategies for the successful miniaturization of EEG in a fully-flexible, wearable and wireless platform.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Judge agrees to delay US government restrictions on WeChat
A judge has approved a request from a group of U.S. WeChat users to delay looming federal government restrictions that could effectively make the popular app nearly ...
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Indium Corporation Offers Free Presentation at SMTAI
Indium Corporation
National Circuit Assembly Offers Authentic Measurement with 3D SPI System
National Circuit Assembly
AQS, Inc. Announces Improved Selective Solder Capability
AQS, Inc.
Radiant Presents Near-Infrared Sensing Systems at Intelligent Lighting
Radiant Vision Systems, LLC
UP Media Group Issues Call for Abstracts for PCB WEST 2021
UP Media Group Inc.
Every assistance system is different
OPTIMUM datamanagement solutions GmbH
MTEK Releases MBrain - the Factory Intelligence System
C.R. International Inc. Expands Capability with ASM's E by SIPLACE Platform
ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co.
KROHNE Announces Chris English as New Vice President of Sales
Rehm's optimized production equipment for condensation soldering process
Rehm Thermal Systems
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