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Step Stencil Squeegee Angle
If you have step stencil, what angle should we use for the squeegee when printing solder paste, and what other parameters are important?
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Georgian Simion
Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
Edithel Marietti
Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Greg York
Technical Sales Manager, BLT Circuit Services Ltd
David Cormier
Engineering Manager, Circuit Technology Center, Inc.
Tony Lentz
Field Applications, FCT Assembly
Recommended Fiducial Shape
Rework for OSP Assemblies
Competing Reflow Oven Zones
IPC-A-610 Solder Joint Acceptability Question
What Are Realistic Guidelines for PCB Flexing?
OA Flux Turning Blue
Point to Point Soldering vs Drag Soldering
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Jun 25, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024
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What Year Was It?
The day was Jun 21. What year was it?
U.S. Constitution Ratified
What Year
New Hampshire becomes the ninth and last necessary state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, thereby making the document the law of the land.
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What Year Was It Answer
U.S. Constitution Ratified
Answer: June 21, 1788
June 21, 2024
Apple Confirmed Key Specs Needed for iPhone AI
Apple unveiled Apple Intelligence, an AI upgrade for iPhone, iPad, and Mac at WWDC 2024. However, only iPhone 15 Pro/Max and newer models can support it due to the required Neural Engine and RAM specifications. Older devices lack the necessary hardware.
Nearshoring and Sustainability Can Boost Your ROI
Electronics manufacturers increasingly adopt nearshoring, driven by sustainability challenges and geopolitical disruptions. This strategy enhances supply chain control, reduces carbon footprints, and supports ESG goals, boosting operational efficiency, resilience, and innovation.
Design News
Post-Covid, Procurement Still Under-Resourced
Post-COVID, procurement departments face staff shortages and supply chain disruptions. Despite some improvements, they still struggle to meet demand and optimize resources. Enhanced strategies and investments are vital for recovery and resilience.
EPS News
Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 leak shows off AirPods-like design
Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Buds may closely resemble AirPods. The new design features stems, vents, and a case similar to AirPods, but with metallic silver color and angular details. Expected announcements might come at Samsung's summer Unpacked event.
The Verge
Startup Tackles Chiplet Design Complexity
Baya Systems, emerging from stealth mode, aims to streamline chiplet design with its WeaverPro platform and Weave IP fabric. Chief Commercial Officer Nandan Nayampally highlights the need to accelerate analysis, design, and deployment to tackle SoC and chiplet complexity.
EE Times
The man who was supposed to keep ChatGPT safe is working on AI superintelligence instead
Ilya Sutskever, former OpenAI cofounder, announced his new venture, Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI), focusing on developing safe AI. Joined by ex-Apple AI lead Daniel Gross and former OpenAI engineer Daniel Levy, SSI aims to prioritize safety over commercial products.
Apple, Microsoft Shrink AI Models to Improve Them
Tech giants like Apple and Microsoft are shifting from large language models (LLMs) to small language models (SLMs), which offer comparable performance with fewer parameters. SLMs, trained on high-quality data, can run locally on devices, enhancing privacy and accessibility.
IEEE Spectrum
Jodi Shelton: Have Confidence in Yourself, Even If You Don't
GSA co-founder Jodi Shelton discusses founding GSA 30 years ago, evolving from philosophy student to semiconductor industry leader & the influence of key figures like Morris Chang & Jensen Huang. She also shares advice to young professionals & talks about her upcoming novel.
EE Times
Intrusive Soldering vs. Wave Solder
We are wave soldering with top and bottom side preheat. Would a pin in paste, or intrusive soldering, be a better option than wave soldering? The Assembly Brothers, Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall, address this question.
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Finding Obsolete IC and Components: Challenges and Strategies
Nantian Electronics excels in sourcing obsolete and discontinued semiconductor components. Since 2000, they've tackled limited suppliers and counterfeit risks, leading the industry with certified quality testing to ensure genuine parts for manufacturers and repair providers.
EE Times
A marathon, not a sprint: Apple's AI push faces big challenges in China
Apple's AI push faces significant challenges in China due to strict regulations. As Apple aims to integrate AI across its devices, it must navigate China's stringent rules and censorship, making localization a major hurdle for success in this critical market.
Impact of PCB Design BGA Land Pattern Warpage and SMT Yield
This paper discusses the influence of the PCB design parameters, PCB materials, and PCB lamination process on PCB warpage.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Next 5 years set to further boost India's domestic electronics manufacturing
India's domestic electronics manufacturing sector is set to skyrocket, driven by the production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme. Experts project growth from $105 billion to $250 billion in five years, fueled by mobile phone and semiconductor production.
Punjab News Express
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Aven Introduces Two High-Performance Diagonal Cutters
NEOTech Acquires Advanced 3D Computed Tomography Equipment
KIC Honors Scott Gammer of JM Gammer Co. as Rep of the Year for 2023
JBC Tip Cleaners - Precision Cleaning Solutions from Murray Percival Co
The Murray Percival Company
Z-AXIS Will Double Its Surface Mount Capacity
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