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July 8, 2009

How to predict possible intermetallics

How can we predict the possible intermetallics that will form from two alloys?

Would it be a function of temperature?

C. T.

Experts Comments

The formation of intermetallics depends on the elements in the solder alloy composition, the surface finish of the PCB pads and the finish of the component leads or solder ball composition.

The formation of intermetallics also depends on the appropriate soldering temperature and the time the solder remains in a molten state during soldering. The binary or ternary metallurgical equilibrium diagram with the metal elements will show the possible intermetallics and also the composition of the internmetallics.

Brian O'Leary
Global Account Manager
Indium Corporation
Mr. O'Leary is the Global Account Manager for Indium. He has and extensive global network of contacts in the electronics industry with expertise in SMT equipment and processes.

Growth of intermetallics is a function of the temperature and the time for which the solder is molten - the longer the time the solder is molten, more intermetallics are formed.

The composition of the intermetallics is a function of the solder alloy and the substrate metallizations the solder is bonding to.

Karthik Vijay
Technical Manager - Europe
Indium Corp.
Currently with Indium Corporation and responsible for technology programs and technical support for customers in Europe. Over 15 yrs experience in SMT, Power, Thermal & Semiconductor Applications. Masters Degree in Industrial Engg, State University of New York-Binghamton.
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