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What Is the Life Span for a Profile Board?
How many times can I use one test board to profile our reflow oven before throwing it away, and why?
Responses by:
Mark Waterman, Engineer / Trainer, Electronic Controls Design, Inc. (ECD)
Bryan Kerr, Principal Engineer - CMA Lab, BAE Systems
Al Cabral, Regional Sales Manager , Finetech
Paul Austen, Senior Project Engineer, Electronic Controls Design Inc
Brian O'Leary, Global Account Manager, Indium Corporation
Double sided SMT
Can you provide some process pointers on soldering 2 sided SMT?
Responses by:
Michael O'Hanlon, Applications Supervisor, DEK
Edward Zamborsky, Regional Sales Manager, OK International Inc.
Dr. Craig D. Hillman, CEO & Managing Partner, DfR Solutions
Leo Lambert, Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Stacy Kalisz Johnson, Americas Marketing Development Manager, Agilent Technologies
Hand soldering skills
We need to test engineering technician applicants to evaluate their soldering skills. We would have them solder a small selection of electronic components on a test circuit board ...
Responses by:
Marc Peo, President, Heller Industries Inc.
Bob Black, President and CEO, Juki Corporation
Terry Jeglum, President/CEO, Electronic Technology Corporation
Leo Lambert, Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Edward Zamborsky, Regional Sales Manager, OK International Inc.
Can we convert our existing wave soldering machine to use lead free?
We are an EMS company and we have a wave soldering machine. We are now having stronger demand to The problem is that we still have leaded products with through hole components that also require ...
Responses by:
Todd O'Neil, Business Development Manager, Scienscope
Greg Hueste, Senior Applications Engineer, Speedline Technologies
Bill Coleman, Vice President Technology, Photo Stencil
Neil Poole, Senior Applications Chemist, Henkel Electronics
Is lead contamination during cleaning of PB-free stencils possible?
We have a stencil cleaner used for cleaning both Pb-free and SnPb stencils and misprint boards. We use ultrasonic type ...
Responses by:
Steve Stach, President, Austin American Technology
Umut Tosun, Application Technology Manager, Zestron America
Bill Schreiber, President, Smart Sonic Corporation
Tom Forsythe, Vice President, Kyzen Corporation
Ted Marek, President, SMT Sales Associates Inc