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February 23, 2024
Google to Start Manufacturing Pixel Smartphones in India by Next Quarter
Google announces plans to manufacture Pixel phones in India starting next quarter, aiming to bolster its presence in one of the world's largest smartphone markets. This move marks a strategic shift in Google's production strategy.
Circuitnet Media
Circuitnet Media
VIEWPOINT 2024: Andrew Williams, Director of Product Engagement, PRIDE Industries
The manufacturing labor shortage could mean 2.1 million unfilled jobs, costing a trillion dollars by 2030. The shortage has Gartner calling companies to cast wider hiring nets. "Organizations can no longer meet their talent needs through traditional sourcing methods and candidate pools." Some 22 million 16–64-year-olds ...
PRIDE Industries
10 Essential Rules for Circuit Board Jumper Wires
This paper explores ten crucial guidelines for secure, organized, and industry-standard attachment and routing of jumper wires in circuit board assemblies, ensuring reliability ...
Technical Paper
Intuitive Machines lands on moon in nail-biting descent of private Odysseus lander, a 1st for US since 1972
Intuitive Machines' Odysseus lander triumphantly executes a private moon landing, marking a significant milestone in commercial space exploration. The successful mission paves the way for future lunar ventures and underscores the growing role of private companies in space exploration.
Cleaning Performance Evaluations for Jettable Pastes for Advanced SMT Assembly Processes
Dispensing 2-Part Adhesives
Advanced Materials in Power Electronics
The Impact of Thermocouple Attachment Methods on Thermal Profiling Accuracy
Utilizing SIR and Analytical Tools to Determine Impact to Reliability for Process Improvements
Factors Affecting the Cost of PCB Fabrication
The Critical Role of RHSD in High-Reliability Applications
Advanced High Frequency PCB Materials
Circuitnet Media
Circuitnet Media
How Home-Based Startups Harness Supply Chain Tech
Home-based startups are leveraging supply chain technology to streamline operations and compete with larger counterparts. With tools like cloud-based software and digital platforms, entrepreneurs are optimizing inventory management and logistics, boosting efficiency and growth.
EPS News
Profiteering Hampers U.S. Grid Expansion
IEEE Spectrum reports on the critical role of transmission expansion in bolstering renewable energy infrastructure. Highlighting challenges and solutions, it emphasizes the necessity of robust grid systems for achieving ambitious clean energy targets.
IEEE Spectrum
Driving the Future: AI, Ethics and Jobs in the Age of Automation
Exploring AI's impact on ethics and jobs, experts dive into the future of transportation. With autonomous vehicles on the rise, questions arise about ethical frameworks and the evolving job landscape amidst technological advancements.
Understanding the Value of Solid-State Buttons, Piezo Haptics
Explore the significance of solid-state buttons and piezo haptics in enhancing user experience and interface design. These technologies offer precise feedback, durability, and versatility, revolutionizing the way we interact with devices.
EE Times
AT&T says the outage to its US cellphone network was not caused by a cyberattack
AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile faced widespread outages, leaving millions without cell service. The disruptions affected emergency calls, businesses, and personal communications, highlighting the vulnerability of America's digital infrastructure to such failures.
AP News
PCBA Cleaning with Sodium Bicarbonate
Is there an effect on PCBA long-term reliability when cleaned with a sodium bicarbonate scrub followed by DI water rinse? Jim Hall and Phil Zarrow, The Assembly Brothers, discuss this secnario and share their own experiences.
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Circuitnet Media
Circuitnet Media
Adobe is introducing AI for PDFs that everyone should use
Adobe launches groundbreaking AI-powered PDF tools, streamlining document workflows for users worldwide. With intelligent features like text recognition and layout adjustments, it revolutionizes PDF editing, enhancing productivity and accuracy for all.
Hong Kong picked for Chinese AI driverless vehicle firm Uisee's international headquarters, research centre
Hong Kong chosen as the global headquarters for Chinese AI-driven autonomous vehicle company UISEE, signaling a strategic move to establish its international presence and research capabilities, amidst the city's growing significance in the tech sector.
South China Morning Post
Adiabatic & Isothermal Humidification for Electronics Manufacturing
The need for including humidification into a well-rounded electronics manufacturing facilities’ ESD program is discussed.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
EU's battery recycling mandates spark surge in market potential
The EU mandates tighter regulations on electric vehicle battery recycling, aiming to boost sustainability and curb environmental impact. Stricter standards ensure efficient recycling processes, fostering a greener future for electric mobility.
US to see rising investments in chip ecosystem despite project delays
The US CHIPS Act proposes a $52 billion investment in semiconductor manufacturing to counter global chip shortages and strengthen domestic supply chains. It aims to boost innovation and competitiveness in the tech sector.
IDC: Philippine Smartphone Market Recovers in 2023 After Two Years of Decline
In 2023, the Philippines smartphone market surged 3.8% YoY to 16.9 million units. Transsion dominated with a 98.3% growth, capturing over one-third of shipments, while realme faced a 27.6% decline. With ASP dropping to US$169 in 4Q23, IDC anticipates further growth in 2024.
IDC: Thailand Smartphone Market Dips 13% in 2023 to 14.4 Million Units
Thailand's smartphone market faced a 13% YoY decline in 2023, with 14.4 million units shipped. Economic challenges contributed, with weaker demand in low to mid-range segments. However, the premium segment grew, driven by Apple and Samsung. 5G adoption increased to 43%, hinting at recovery prospects in 2024.
Circuitnet Media
Circuitnet Media
Feb 22, 2024: Carolinas In-Person Technical Meeting: Accuracy and Force Validation Improves SMT Quality
Feb 23, 2024: Space Coast Chapter Winter Golf Classic
Mar 7, 2024: Capital Expo & Tech Forum
Mar 11, 2024: SMT Processes Certification Course - Monterrey
Mar 13, 2024: SMTA Webinar: Translating the Technology, a "Cross-Over" Event - High Reliability
Circuitnet Media
Circuitnet Media
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What date did man first land on the moon?
See answer below.
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Flux Oozing from Insulated Wires
We have a problem with flux and wiring. Our wires are stripped and tinned. It appears that throughout the build cycle flux oozes out from under the insulation. We clean ...
Responses by:
Greg York
Technical Sales Manager, BLT Circuit Services Ltd
Charlie Pitarys
Technical Expert Sales Support, Kyzen Corporation
Leo Lambert
Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Mahendra Gandhi
SME - PWB Technologies, Northrop Grumman
Mike Bixenman
CTO, Kyzen Corp.
Terry Jeglum
President/CEO, Electronic Technology Corporation
Rick Perkins
President, Chem Logic
Robert "Bob" Lazzara
President, Circuit Connect, Inc.
Doug Pauls
Principal Materials and Process Engineer, Collins Aerospace
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Circuitnet Media
Kübler GmbH High Tech Solutions Establishes Kubler US Corp.
Kübler GmbH High Tech Solutions is excited to announce the creation of its US-based subsidiary, Kubler US Corp., ...
Kübler GmbH High Tech Solutions
Fujitsu, QuTech collaborate in development of tech for freezing electronics
Fujitsu announced a collaboration with QuTech for the development of the world's first cryogenic electronic circuits for controlling ...
New slim-line dispensing valve features unique frame technology
VERMES Microdispensing announced the release of the high-speed, slim-line MDS 3080 Series piezo dispensing system. ...
VERMES Microdispensing
Yamaha introduces latest upgrades to its 3D AOI systems
Yamaha Robotics SMT Section has revealed performance-boosting upgrades for the YRi-V 3D AOI system, including faster ...
Yamaha Robotics
ROCKA Solutions to Exhibit Premier Products at SMTA Dallas & Houston Expo
ROCKA Solutions is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming SMTA Dallas and SMTA Houston Expo & Tech Forums. ...
ROCKA Solutions
SMTA Capital Chapter Expo Showcases Innovation in Electronics Manufacturing
The SMTA Capital Chapter is excited to announce the upcoming SMTA Capital Chapter Expo and Tech Forum, scheduled ...
SMTA Capital Chapter
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U.S. Flag Raised On Iwo Jima
What Year
During the bloody Battle for Iwo Jima, U.S. Marines take the crest of Mount Suribachi, the island's highest peak and most strategic position, and raise the U.S. flag.
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Answer: July 20, 1969
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U.S. Flag Raised On Iwo Jima
Answer: February 23, 1945

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