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Andres Rojas

Engineering Director / Master IPC Trainer (MIT)
AMMSA Solutions

More than 20 years of technical experience in the electronics industry in roles ranging from Process & Project Engineer to engineering manager and Technical Applications Engineer for Latin Americas. IPC Master Trainer, International speaker and consultant.

Andres Rojas has submitted responses to the following questions.
Design Considerations and Impact on Assembly
These questions have a wide and long answers but i will try to provide some recommendations that helps to you ...
Conformal Coating Bubbles
Yes the IPC mention that is a Defect – Class 1,2,3 if have: Bridging of adjacent lands or exposed conductive ...
Solder Joint Blow Holes
Hi, the characteristics of HASL and ENIG finish are quite different and need modify the current process for HASL to ...
Matte Black Solder Mask Defects
Hi, I have several customers that have PCBs with ENIG finish, 2 -12 layers with matte solder mask of several ...
Oxidation of Solder Balls During Secondary Reflow
I can't understand the question well. Do you mean the solder balls of a BGA or Solder balls generated by ...
BGA Component Cleaning Spec
The dedicate standard to BGA processes is the IPC 7095. Its important understand the full process and take in considerations ...
Seeking IPC and J-STD Definitions
This terms are used on J-STD standards and refers to components hermetically sealed with plastic, glass, ceramic, metal etc. and ...
Challenge Wetting Solder to Brass Pins
Brass in normal conditions is very difficult to solder and wet because is a material very sensitive to oxidation. In ...
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