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Michael Kaminsky

Sr Field Applications Support Engineer
Kester Inc.

Mr. Kaminsky has 30+ years of circuit board soldering assembly experience along with a patent for wave solder VOC flux process.

Michael Kaminsky has submitted responses to the following questions.
Tarnished OSP Circuit Boards
The two conditions that will affect the OSP coating are being exposed to high RH and Temperature. This will tend ...
Pad Missing ENIG Plating
In regards to missing ENIG, I would require the supplier to provide you the ENIG boards you ordered. It is ...
Reflow Profile for Mixed Lead-Free and Leaded
This is a great question. Processing lead free boards with Tin lead has been done for many years. The difference ...
Application Using No-Clean and Water Soluble Fluxes
Using Water soluble flux to touch up a board that has been soldered with no clean solder paste and or ...
OA Flux Turning Blue
There is more information needed but I will take a swing at this. If the flux is still in the ...
Baking Concerns for Stacked Trays of Components
My suggestion would be to stack the trays, so air can circulate over the components of each tray to insure ...
Inspection for Hidden Solder Joints
More details are required to respond to this question. What is the soldering process? Hand soldering, Selective, wave or robotic ...
Reflow Oven - 5 Zone or 8 Zone
In my opinion it would be best to spend the money on the 8-zone reflow oven in respect to the ...
Moisture Sensitive Components in Flooded Storage Facility
I would ask the component manufacture. I know you can bake a lot of the different components in a convection ...
Insufficient Barrel Fill on Through-hole Components
Item 88217: poor barrel fill. My assumption is you are wave soldering this board. Here is a list of items ...
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