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Mahendra Gandhi

SME - PWB Technologies
Northrop Grumman

Mahendra Gandhi has been working in interconnect industry since 1972.

Mahendra Gandhi has submitted responses to the following questions.
How to Eliminate Via Pits
Solder paste are not designed/developed as a via fill materials and should not be used as a via fill. ...
Improve DPPM for Wave Soldering Using Nitrogen
Itwill improve but not eliminate. ...
Conformal Coating in Low Humidity Environments
Not if it is fully cured. ...
Flux Oozing from Insulated Wires
Capillary action during first tinning. ...
Gold Plated Hole Defects
Have the board fabricated with solder coating in the holes... and avoid removing gold from the holes. ...
HASL vs. Immersion Gold
Do you recommend use of HASL vs. immersion gold for our application? Yes. Would you recommend another type of finish? ...
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