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Daniel (Baer) Feinberg

President and Founder
Fein-Line Associates

Mr. Feinberg is a 52 year industry veteran and President and founder of Fein-Line Assoc, a consulting group serving the Global Interconnect and EMS industries.

Daniel (Baer) Feinberg has submitted responses to the following questions.
Pad Missing ENIG Plating
No doubt in my mind that based on the photo, this board does not meet the spec as noted. Buying ...
Contamination From Anti-static Foam
Yes, 70% or higher IPA with mild brushing should do the trick. If not you can get some CPU thermal ...
Wave Solder Pot Contaminated with Lead
Easy, just remove about 1/3rd of your solder and replace it with pure lead free solder. ...
Best Way to Eliminate Dross?
Dross is an expensive and wasteful result of melting metals that are prone to oxidation and then adding turbulence such ...
Cause of Unusual Contamination?
It looks like a splatter of something on the underlying metal that kept the (what appears to be) gold plating ...
Hot or Cold DI Water Rinse
You can get decent results but not equally good results. The rinse will be more active and do a better ...
Solder Joint Explosions
It is difficult to diagnose accurately without seeing an example of the failure and doing a cross section on it. ...
Lead Free Dross Removal
Wave soldering has always wasted anywhere from 40% to 75% of solder due to dross formation. With the advent of ...
Recover Solder from Dross
Solder dross has gone from being a cost to be considered by large companies to a very high cost that ...
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