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Rick Kompelien

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Principal Product Engineer
Benchmark Electronics, Inc.

27 years experience working with electronic and electro-mechanical manufacturing and design (medical, automotive, military, computer, and industrial controls). Military veteran - served as a Combat Engineer with the United States Marine Corps.

Rick Kompelien has submitted responses to the following questions.
EMI Shield Reflow Soldering Techniques
In most cases, the RF Shields can be machine-placed very accurately and the surface tension of the solder should hold ...
Question About Dry Storage of PCBA's
If your hand solder and potting operations are performed soon after your SMT processes, you should not need special dry ...
BGA Component Grounding Problem
If the cause of your high resistance failures is not apparent using microscopy or X-Ray, you will probably need to ...
Components Falling Off During Reflow
Theoretically yes, but there are a lot of factors that would determine the point at which that would happen. The ...
Competing Reflow Oven Zones
You will want to start by getting the recommended thermal profile for the solder paste you have selected. You should ...
Exposed Copper Defect
That would depend on where the copper is exposed. Some component types normally have exposed copper where the packages are ...
Depaneling circuit board that contain BGA components
All components and their interconnects should be protected from the stress that can be created by depaneling processes that flex ...
BGA reballing question
In my opinion, the additional thermal cycle would have much more negative impact to the BGA than would the residual ...