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Mark Finstad

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Senior Applications Engineer
Flexible Circuit Technologies

Mark Finstad has over 30 years in the flex circuit industry in both design and manufacturing. He is a regular speaker at IPC APEX (Professional development courses) and PCB West (flex circuit design courses). He is also vice chair of IPC-2223 and active member of IPC-6013. Finstad has extensive experience with both domestic and off-shore manufacturing.

Mark Finstad has submitted responses to the following questions.
Tough Hand Soldering Problem
Without knowing the exact type of soldering problems you are having, I can only hypothesize based on your description of ...
Exposed Copper Risk
I would not recommend leaving exposed copper in ANY environment. There are a couple of ways to deal with this ...
What is Causing Solder Joint Cracking?
Thatsolder joint appears to have been defective from the get-go. You probablyhad just a small whisker of solder making the ...
Pre-bake in a Vacuum
Using a vacuum oven to prebake bare flex and rigidflex circuits prior to soldering operations can be beneficial due to ...
Removal of Non-functional Pads from Inner Layers
Eliminating non-functional pads is a great wayto gain some real estate on all types of PCB's, but this practice should ...
Class 2 vs. Class 3
The IPC standards that most clearly define the differencesbetween classes would be IPC-2222/IPC-6012 Design/Performance for rigid PCB)and IPC-2223/IPC6013 (Design/Performance for ...
Delamination Causing Scrap
The easiest way to determine if moisture is the problem is tobake your bare PCBs immediately prior to assembly and ...
Cleaning with Sodium Bicarbonate
Alot depends upon what will be done to the silver after it is scrubbed. Ifthe silver plated pads will be ...