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Dr. David Bernard

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Product Manager
Dage Precision Industries

Mr. Bernard has been the X-ray Systems Product Manager at Dage for over 5 years and have been involved in all aspects of x-ray inspection and test for printed circuit board assembly applications. Prior to this, Dr. Bernard was working with radiation measurement instrumentation.

Dr. David Bernard has submitted responses to the following questions.
Intermittent BGA Test Problems
Most likely cause is a Head on Pillow (HoP) joint failure under the BGA, where the solder paste and the ...
Pin-in-Paste Hole Fill
The use of an off-line x-ray inspection system post paste that offers oblique angle views without tilting of the actual ...
Cause of BGA Solder Joint Bridging
My initial thoughts are that you are getting warpage or possible popcorning of the packages. Have moisture sensitivity protocols been ...
Voids in BGA's
Voids in BGAs can occur within the bulk of the solder ball and/or in either of the interfacial joints of ...
AOI or X-Ray inspection?
Although I come from the x-ray side, and unless you are putting down BGAs or have other devices/boards where the ...