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July 7, 2011

ESD Protection

We store our assembled PCB's in ESD compliant bags. The bags are then stored on non-grounded racks. Is this permissible?

A. S.

Experts Comments

I'll equivocate a little bit with my answer. First, I'd like to know what you mean as "ESD compliant bags" ... specifically.

If the inner and outer surfaces of the bags are dissipative (per ESD S11.11) then I would think it's "OK" ... BUT it's always better to ground everything, in my opinion.

Jim Williams
Polyonics, Inc.
Jim Willimas is a PhD Chemist in Polymers and Materials Science. He specialize in printing, cleaning, inks, and coatings used in electronics manufacturng operations. Williams has more than 30 years experience.

I need some more inputs : non-grounded racks are metal?

Do you have the ESD Floor?

If your answer is YES

"It is permissible"

Keshava Murthy
Process Engineer
Bosch Automotive Electronics India Ltd.
Keshava Murthy is a Process Engineer in the PCB assembly industry working in Bangalore, India.

If the bags are shielding bags, then it's ok. If you use only "pink poly" bags then it's not ok!

If the store outside of the EPA, the minimum reuqirement is "ESD shielding".

Hartmut Berndt
B.E.STAT group
Mr. Burndt has been in Electronics & Semiconductor Technology since 1980 and work in the area of Electrostatic (ESD) and electronic devices. He is President of the B.E.STAT group (Germany); expert in ESD audits, trainings, failure analysis and ESD control programs.
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