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Keshava Murthy

Process Engineer
Bosch Automotive Electronics India Ltd.

Keshava Murthy is a Process Engineer in the PCB assembly industry working in Bangalore, India.

Keshava Murthy has submitted responses to the following questions.
Mixed Technology - Which First
First should be SMT, then we have to go for THT using Selective Soldering or Wave Soldering. There are a ...
3D Solder Paste Inspection
I have 5 years of experience in using 3D SPI, there are two Possible methods of 3D SPI Installation 1. ...
Unusual Component Lead Contamination
There are two strong influences for this type of defects 1. Incoming material quality: Check the component terminal in flurosence ...
Cold Solder Joints on 0603 Components
Yes, We call it as Solder Paste Management, its an very important factor for Solder joints. ...
ESD Protection
I need some more inputs : non-grounded racks are metal? Do you have the ESD Floor? If your answer is ...
BGA Pad Lifting
My Opinion: I suggest on preventing the Pad lift not the repair ...
Stencil Tension
Yes it is good to have a tension meter in the SMT Assembly area to check the stencil in good ...
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