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June 23, 2010

Depaneling Concerns

Is it acceptable to hand break when depaneling our circuit boards with QFN and SMD components?

Are there any resources or papers that quantify the type of failures caused by hand breaking and stress?

R. M.

Experts Comments

Placement of components close to edge of the PCB may cause micro-cracking to occur. Placement of the component in line with or perpendicular to the cut will also affect stress level and possible resulting damage to occur.

Test results and white paper on stress levels by different depaneling methods can be found in the Knowledge Base of the SMTA website (membership required).

Interested parties can also contact me directly for this information.

Michelle Ogihara
Sales and Marketing Manager
Seika Machinery Inc.
Michelle is the Sales and Marketing Manager of Seika Machinery, Inc. She is an active member of the SMTA taking on a past position as Chapter President and currently Secretary, Co-Chairs the MSD Council and serves on several committee positions.
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