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March 3, 2010

When Should We Use Underfill?

We have a circuit board assembly with a wafer level chip scale package. The package is 2mm x 2mm with 20 solder balls (diameter 0.20 mm) and standoff is 0.16 mm.

Under what circumstances should we use underfill? What type of underfill material do you suggest?

T. S. Y.

Experts Comments

Wafer Level Packages (WLPs) should always be plasma treated (in order to improve underfill bonding, fluid flow and adhesion performance), and then underfilled in order to increase component reliability and lifetime—especially if the end product is a mobile product such as a cell phone, music player or other hand-held device.

If you need assistance in determining a suitable plasma treatment for your WLP application, Nordson MARCH can assist you. If you need advice in regard to underfill material dispensing, our sister companies Nordson ASYMTEK and Nordson EFD can be of service to you.

Scott D. Szymanski
Global Marketing Manager
Nordson MARCH
Mr. Szymanski works to expand strategic alliances, strengthen partnerships with equipment suppliers, and develop future product offerings tailored to the semiconductor market.
NOTE: Mr. Szymanski is no longer working at Nordson MARCH
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