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February 10, 2010

Reflow Rules for Mixed FR4 and Flex

We have a new PCB assembly that includes a section of flex cable as part of the FR4 circuit board.

What are the reflow rules I need to consider while processing a mixed FR4 and flex cable assembly through reflow process?

S. J.

Experts Comments

You can not process the reflow soldering both FR4 pcb and flexible cable together since the flexible cable melt in reflow oven.

The reflow cable can not withstand at reflow temp i.e 240 degree centigrade for leaded solering and 250 degree centigrade for leadfree soldering process.

Sandip Thakor
Quality Engineer
Matrix Telecom Solution P Ltd
Sandip Thakor has 9 years of experience in electronics industry specializing in soldering technology. Thakor has experience in lead free installation, process optimization and developing quality standards.
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