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Sandip Thakor

Quality Engineer
Matrix Telecom Solution P Ltd

Sandip Thakor has 9 years of experience in electronics industry specializing in soldering technology. Thakor has experience in lead free installation, process optimization and developing quality standards.

Sandip Thakor has submitted responses to the following questions.
Solder Paste Viscosity
Yes, It is permissible to return a sample of paste to the original solder paste container after the sample has ...
Adding Weights to Small BGA's During Reflow
You can't put the weight on the BGA at pre reflow stage. Plus the air flow in th reflow Oven ...
Soldering lead-free component, with tin-lead solder
Rohs PCBs are made of the different materials. It is specially design for rohs component soldering. The reflow profile of ...
BGA Shifting During Reflow
Before mentioning any comments, what is the reflow configuration, paste which you are using and also the location of BGA ...
Reflow Rules for Mixed FR4 and Flex
You can not process the reflow soldering both FR4 pcb and flexible cable together since the flexible cable melt in ...
SMT Component Lead Oxidation
Since you had observed the oxidationin SMT Component you have to check the Moisture sensitive level of the component. The ...
Cause of Yellow/Brown Discoloration
The possible cause for yellow/brown discoloration are the flux viscosity and the reflow profile. You need to check the flux ...
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