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April 14, 2009

PCB Storage Spec

Is there a specification for proper conditions for the storage of PCB's?


Experts Comments

John Perry at IPC has formed IPC D-35 Printed Board Storage and Handling Subcommittee and prepared a draft document IPC1601-Guidance Document for Storage and Handling Issues for PWBs/Assemblies. The idea isto develop criteria in the form of moisture sensitivity classifications like Integrated Circuits.

Inputs are solicited from laminate suppliers, OEMs, CMs etc. to make this a meaningful guideline. Please contact John Perry at IPC if interested in participating on the committee.

For additional recommendations and guidelines, please check the SMTA website under the MSD Council and scroll down to meeting minutes. We welcome participation on this Council. The MSD Council has conductedone webcast for"MSL Handling of PWBs" in March 2008.

For further assistance and information, feel free to contact either Mumtaz Bora, head chair of the MSD Council, or myself below.

Michelle Ogihara
Sales and Marketing Manager
Seika Machinery Inc.
Michelle is the Sales and Marketing Manager of Seika Machinery, Inc. She is an active member of the SMTA taking on a past position as Chapter President and currently Secretary, Co-Chairs the MSD Council and serves on several committee positions.
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