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July 13, 2008

Soldering Grid Array Packages

Does anyone have good process experience in soldering 90pb10sn column grid array packages, where the wetting is 360 degrees around the column to land interface?

In using IBM columns, we see asymmetrical fillets and columns shifting to the edge of lands. Any suggestions are welcomed.


Experts Comments

Past experience with one of our customers with a similar situation was resolved with an inert atmosphere (nitrogen) in the reflow process. I would suggest that you use around 1000 ppm oxygen level or less in the reflow zone to achieve the fillets and reduce or eliminate the shifting.

Gregory Arslanian
Global Segment Manager
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Mr. Arslanian has been involved in electronics packaging processing and equipment since 1981 including flipchip, TAB, wirebonding and die attach. Current responsiblities include R&D, applications, marketing and customer interaction.
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