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March 24, 2008

Inspecting DFN (Dual flat no lead) Packages

What are the requirements and how do we implement inspection process for DFN (Dual Flat No Lead) packages?

Can this only be accomplished with x-ray?


Experts Comments

Thinking of test from a structural perspective, this is a hidden joint and that makes it a viable candidate for x-ray inspection. X-ray inspection is perfect for hidden joints. That said, a good electrical solution would come with some of the advances in the in-circuit test arena.

Agilent specifically has a new iVTEP solution that is less reliant on the leadframe (compared to Testjet/VTEP) to capactively couple to and therefore should be able to provide good opens coverage. Food for thought!

Stacy Kalisz Johnson
Americas Marketing Development Manager
Agilent Technologies
Ms. Johnson's entry into the electronic packaging arena was as a Package Development Engineer. Stacy recently joined the Americas Field Marketing Organization as a Marketing Development Manager for the Americas where she continues to work on AOI, AXI and also In-Circuit Test.
NOTE: Ms. Johnson is no longer working at Agilent Technologies.
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