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February 11, 2008

Why switch from 2D to 3D vision inspection

My company is currently using a 2D measuring system to measure solder paste height and volume.

What is the main difference between a 2D and 3D vision systems?

What is the requirement and benefits to switch from 2D to 3D inspection system?


Experts Comments

The main difference from a technological standpoint in 2D versus 3D system is the imaging chain utilized to capture the images for analysis. It used to be that the speed of inspection of 3D systems was too slow to keep up with line rates - this is not the case anymore.

Additionally, the pricing on the 2D and 3D system is a lot closer than it used to be although you do pay a premium for 3D -- which is by far outweighed by the benefit.

Studies have shown that solder paste volume is an important predictor of good quality solder joints and long-term reliability of solder joints. Use of 100% 3D solder paste inspection helps reduce the contribution from the print process to solder joint defects, in-turn saving money while increasing overall quality.

Stacy Kalisz Johnson
Americas Marketing Development Manager
Agilent Technologies
Ms. Johnson's entry into the electronic packaging arena was as a Package Development Engineer. Stacy recently joined the Americas Field Marketing Organization as a Marketing Development Manager for the Americas where she continues to work on AOI, AXI and also In-Circuit Test.
NOTE: Ms. Johnson is no longer working at Agilent Technologies.
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