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April 16, 2007

Jumper wire guidelines

We routinely add jumper wires to assembled circuit boards due to the nature of our product line. We need to attach them to all sorts of terminations.

Does the IPC have clear guidelines for this? Are there any other resources?


Experts Comments

There are a number of places where this type of information is available, IPC-A-610, section for attachment to threaded fasteners, Section 6 for Terminals Connections, which includes various methods to attach and solder wires to different types of terminals.

Section 11, Discrete Wiring, 11.2 Jumper wires attached to printed circuit boards and component, be it either leaded or leadless components.

IPC 7711/7721 also discusses how to repair printed boards by adding, routing and soldering wires to boards and components.

Leo Lambert
Vice President, Technical Director
EPTAC Corporation
At EPTAC Corporation, Mr. Lambert oversees content of course offerings, IPC Certification programs and provides customers with expert consultation in electronics manufacturing, including RoHS/WEEE and lead free issues. Leo is also the IPC General Chairman for the Assembly/Joining Process Committee.

There is an excellent guide on the Circuit Technology Center website. Visit the following pages for details:

Jeff Ferry
Circuit Technology Center, Inc.
Mr. Ferry is President of Circuit Technology Center, a world-leading contractor for the repair and rework of assembled circuit boards founded in 1983. Jeff also serves as Publisher of Circuitnet and Semiconductor Packaging News.
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