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June 18, 2007

Repair Teflon coated PCB's

Are there any publications specifying how to repair Teflon coated PCB's?


Experts Comments

Sorry to say I'm not familiar with any specs on Teflon board repair. As a long-time member of the IPC Repairability committee, I know there's nothing specific in the various IPC repair/rework documents that cover Teflon repair. We have some experience at our Circuit Technology Center with Teflon board repair.

You may wish to review our online guide.

Contact us if you need more assistance.

Jeff Ferry
Circuit Technology Center, Inc.
Mr. Ferry is President of Circuit Technology Center, a world-leading contractor for the repair and rework of assembled circuit boards founded in 1983. Jeff also serves as Publisher of Circuitnet and Semiconductor Packaging News.
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