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Guy Shemesh

General Manager
ePiccolo Engineering

Mr. Shemesh has Bsc. in E.E engineering and hands-on experience with electronics (schematics & layout) since 2004. He has designed dozens of multi-layer PCBs, HDI, RF, rigid-flex, etc., and had the honor for design reviewing veteran layout engineers several times as a consultant.

Guy Shemesh has submitted responses to the following questions.
3D AOI Solder Joint Qualification Parameters
The answer could be divided in two. First and foremost, I recommend looking at IPC-A-610 to verify that your suspected ...
Design Considerations and Impact on Assembly
Generally speaking, you should always strive to produce a board that is as simple as possible to manufacture and assemble. ...
Solder Joint Blow Holes
I don't think the root cause is with air tight sealing on the top although this can aggravate the problem ...
Removal of Non-functional Pads from Inner Layers
As a 15+ circuit designer, I can add that there are major advantages to having the non-functional pads removed. First ...
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