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Kevin Mobley

PCBA Engineering Liaison
General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group

Kevin has over 30 years of experience in process and manufacturing engineering serving in both EMS and OEM companies. Expertise includes all aspects of SMT as well as wave solder and CCA materials such as PCBs, solder material, and component finishes. Kevin has developed processes for thousands of assemblies from stencil printing to conformal coating and testing.

Kevin Mobley has submitted responses to the following questions.
Seeking Advise for a Solder Reflow Recipe
You should be able to do this with a 7-zone oven if it is a pretty good convection oven. You ...
Hand Sanitizer Contamination
The material warnings saying "prolonged soaking may cause damage to metal instruments" and "follow pesticide disposal instructions" would give me ...
Assembly Question for Soldering USB Connectors
For this volume you may want to consider a selective solid solder deposit on the PWB. This is a process ...
How to Remove Oxidization from SMT Component Leads?
Re-tinning the parts using a flux active enough to remove the oxidation is probably the best route. There are numerous ...
Causes of Annular Ring Dewetting
Dewetting is usually a case where the solder initially wets the surface then pulls back when the surface that was ...
Critical Part Fixture During Reflow
Most SMT parts normally center themselves during reflow pretty well. Between self-centering in reflow and the accuracy of most recent ...
Aluminum Trays and Rapid Static Discharge
I would recommend static dissipative trays for transport. The rapid discharge can be harmful to some components, and could possible ...
Water Wash vs. No-clean
No-clean flux residue always has some possibility of electrochemical migration resulting in dendrite growth, although the likelihood is fairly low ...
Solder Contamination Sources
The most common sources of solder pot contamination will typically be material included in the assemblies that you are running ...
Maximum Allowable Time Prior to Washing When Using Water Soluble Paste
This is often an issue that is driven by the "end of shift, can I wait until tomorrow to wash ...
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