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Larry Harman

SMT Engineer

Mr. Harman is an SMT Engineer at ACDi and worked at Oven Industries as a Manufacturing Engineer. H's worked at Philips manufacturing ultrasound probes/circuitry. He holds three patents, one for an ultrasound probe design, and two for innovative rat/mouse zapper circuits. He attended Pennsylvania State University for Electrical Engineering.

Larry Harman has submitted responses to the following questions.
Polyurethane Conformal and Acrylic Coating on the Same PCB
I have never tried that. My concern is the chemical reaction and the long term reliability of the area in ...
Solder Paste Print in Volcano Shape
I get that too. It is caused by the release of the paste from the stencil. A small amount of ...
3D AOI Solder Joint Qualification Parameters
Prior to a board respin - I would start by either stepping the stencil for the areas in question or ...
Flux Residue During Pin-in-Paste
I do pin and paste regularly. I do not necessarily increase the bottom side reflow temperature. That is not to ...
Acceptability Standard for Plated Hole Barrel Fill
I recently had this situation. IPC specifies 100% barrel fill is the target, the minimum is 75% depending on the ...
BGA reballing question
The SAC305 (96.5Sn/3.0Ag/0.5Cu) overwhelmingly consists of tin. The material that primarily creates the bond between lead free and leaded solder ...
Depaneling circuit board that contain BGA components
The component density on pcbs continues to increase with 2000, 3000 or more placements becoming the norm. Depaneling pcbs becomes ...
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