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Nick Koop

Product Manager
Minco Products Inc

Nick has been in the circuit industry since 1985, in technical and management roles. Nick is the Vice Chair of the IPC Flexible Circuits Committee, and Chair of IPC 6013 Flexible Circuits Perfomance Subcommittee. Nick holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in the Management of Technology from the University of Minnesota.

Nick Koop has submitted responses to the following questions.
What Are Realistic Guidelines for PCB Flexing?
Flexing is a very different concept from Bow and Twist. Bow and twist is essentially the flatness of a board ...
Un-cleaned PCB Assemblies Potted
The key to answering this question would be to know exactly whatf lux was used. The ionic activity of the ...
Insufficient Barrel Fill on Through-hole Components
Circuit community recommendations range from .005" to .020" with.015" being commonly listed as a target. Given that you need to ...
Idle Wave Solder Temperature
Our experience with both wave pots and Hot Air Solder Levelers has been that when we intend to have them ...
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