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Mike Burgess

Regioanl Sales Manager
ASM Assemby Systems

Mike Burgess is the ASM Assembly Systems PSP Regional Sales Manager, who has numerous years of experience in the electronics industry as a user and supplier. He is responsible for stencils, screens, tooling, chemistries, fabric rolls, and stencil coatings.

Mike Burgess has submitted responses to the following questions.
Part Movement During Reflow
Your suspicion is correct, the center heat sink pad is causing the movement. Printed solder paste tends raise parts in ...
Method for cleaning boards after misprint
Misprinted circuit boards should have excess solder paste manually removed from the surface with a suitable cleaner recommended by the ...
Stencil Aperture Ratio
As far as paste transfer from the stencil aperture the design is determined by the Area Ratio (ratio of the ...
De-wetting problems
Your initial investigation is moving in the right direction. The best way to trouble shoot this type of problem is ...
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