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Mike Bixenman

Kyzen Corp.

Mr. Bixenman is the CTO for Kyzen Corp. Kyzen Corp. is a leading provider of engineered cleaning fluids for high technology manufacturing environments.

Mike Bixenman has submitted responses to the following questions.
QFN Test Failures Caused by Flux
Two papers will be published on this topic at SMTAI: Reactivity of No-Clean Flux Residues Trapped under Bottom Terminated ComponentsBTC/QFN ...
Exposed Copper Risk
The exposure copper adjacent the surface ground layer has the potential for corrosion from ionic contamination and environmental effects. Halide ...
Trichloroethylene Alternative
A range of engineered solvents are available for cleaning post soldering and ionic residues from electronic assemblies. Many of these ...
Tacky Substance Under Zero Clearance Parts
Highly dense bottom termination components decrease conductor pitch, spacing, and standoff height from the board surface to the bottom of ...
Flux Oozing from Insulated Wires
Both flux and cleaning agents are designed to wet and penetrate. When soldering wire harnesses, one of the risks is ...
White Discoloration After Ultrasonic Cleaning
White residue left on the bump surface may be an indication of over-heat exposure during reflow. As circuit assemblies increase ...
Cause of Unusual Contamination?
The stain on the conductive traces appears to be an acidic or alkaline liquid that was dripped and left onto ...
Ultrasonic cleaning PCB's after wave solder
As a rule, cleaning is easier soon after the soldering process. As the boards leave the wave soldering process, allow ...
Cleaning residue after wave solder process
The presence of white stains is typically the result of partially removed flux residue. This occurs from inadequate post solder ...
Method for cleaning boards after misprint
Hand wiping is not effective for removing uncured solder paste due to solder ball smearing over the surface of the ...
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