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Mark J. Curtin

Transition Automation, Inc.

Mr. Curtin is the founder and president of Transition Automation, Inc. Their main product is Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees. They also sell the PrinTEK Ultra-Fine Pitch stencil printers. His background includes 25 years of designing squeegees and SMT printers. He is closely familiar with the SMT printing process, squeegee design, and all aspects of in-line printing machines, double-sided tooling, stencils and solder paste performance.

Mark J. Curtin has submitted responses to the following questions.
Solder Paste Print in Volcano Shape
In reply to question about "Volcano Shape" – for this situation, there are two possible causes that I would investigate: ...
Solder Paste Prep Before Use
It may be a good idea tocheck the temperature of your paste with a good thermometer, before beginningyour stirring process ...
Manual or Automated Assembly?
We have numerous experiences with customers who are raising up from a startup situation to production - who have successfully ...
Solder Paste Volume
The amount of solder paste you dispense onto a stencil for a production run can be varied depending on your ...
Squeege Life Span
Is there a recommended or standard usage rate for stencils? Most stencils are made of Stainless steel, and these have ...
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