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Robert Dervaes

V.P. Technology & Engineering
Fine Line Stencil, Inc.

Robert Dervaes has worked in the electronics industry since 1992 in both design and manufacturing. Over the past 11 years he has established the technical foundation of Fine Line Stencil, Inc. - a premier stencil supplier to the electronics industry.

Robert Dervaes has submitted responses to the following questions.
Mixing Different SAC305 Solders
In most circumstances mixing SAC305 bar from different suppliers is fine. However, keep in mind that some solder manufacturers use ...
Stencil Tension
I would not recommenda tension meter for measuring the tension on your older stencils. The only placeto measuremeshtension on an ...
Problems With Skewed D-Pak Components
Keeping any component from skewing during reflow is all about symmetric wetting. If the wetting of the solder is not ...
Stencil Issue with PLCC Component
Printing solder paste beyond the land pad boundary is an acceptable, and common, solution for increasing the solder volume without ...
Solder Paste Mixing After Storage
Centrifuge mixing is one of the most consistent methods of preparing solder paste for initial use and is widely used ...
Uncontrolled Environment Causing Problems
Most no-clean solder pastes are hydrophobic and humidity fluctuations don't play a large role in determining print performance. The solder ...
Most Important Factors for Screen Printing
Alignment accuracy between thestencil apertures andthe PCB SMT pads is a key factor in getting consistent print volume with a ...
Squeege Life Span
Is there a recommended or standard usage rate for stencils? With a properly tuned stencil printer and good quality squeegee ...
Stencil Apertures and Board Finish Requirements
As long as no other process variables are changed, i.e. solderpaste type, reflow oven profile, etc,the wettability of ENIG and ...
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