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September 24, 2007

Solder Paste Hang up

How can I eliminate solder paste hang up from the squeegee during the solder print process?

J. J.

Expert Panel Responses

Make sure the solder paste is fresh. Make sure the solder paste has been brought to room temperature before printing. Check the squeegee blade edge to make sure it is not worn. Check the angle of the squeegee blade to make sure it meets specifications. Check the squeegee blade pressure. Clean the bottom of the stencil after each use. Confirm the aperature size is correct on the stencil. Verify the metal content and particle size of the paste is correct.

Edward Zamborsky
Regional Sales Manager
OK International Inc.
Mr. Zamborsky serves as one of OK's technology advisers to the Product Development group. Ed has authored articles and papers on topics such as; Low Volume SMT Assembly, Solder Fume Extraction, SMT Rework, BGA Rework, Lead Free Hand Soldering, Lead Free Visual Inspection and Lead Free Array Rework.
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