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April 23, 2007 - Updated
July 4, 2007 - Originally Posted

Soldering reliability using SAC 305 . . .

What is the impact on reliability soldering parts using SAC 305 solder paste on 63/37 HASL pads?


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Mixed metal manufacturing is, in fact, quite commonplace in today's manufacturing environments. Most often, due to component and board availability issues, we see lead-free finished devices being used in an otherwise Pb-free process. But, the reverse as you've asked here is also a fairly frequent occurrence. In either case, the most common problem with leaded devices and mixed metal manufacturing is improper wetting and through analysis and reflow profile adjustment, sometimes acceptable wetting can be achieved. But more severe problems exist when processing BGAs and CSPs in this environment. In this case, incomplete bump melting or collapsing occurs. The goal is to promote even distribution of lead throughout the solder joint, but, if the bump doesn't melt completely, achieving this condition is impossible. Without the lead evenly dispersed within each solder joint, premature joint cracking and early thermal fatigue are the most likely outcomes, yielding uncertain device reliability. Mixed metals may also put you out of tolerance with RoHS. Shipping product to Europe with mixed metal assembly methods may be setting your company up for penalties or fees due to lead content in the solder joints. For more information, please click on this white paper.

Doug Dixon
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