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April 20, 2017

Aegis Software Announces New Compatibility with CyberOptics

New Compatibility for Superior Data Collection and Quality

Horsham, PA. -- Aegis Software today announced compatibility with CyberOptics' complete suite of award-winning SPI and AOI systems, and Aegis' FactoryLogix software. This new interface will provide CyberOptics customers with improved quality control and with an enhanced, automated method for identifying and collecting manufacturing defect data during inspections.

When used in conjunction with the rich CAD environment enabled by FactoryLogix, the robust output data from CyberOptics' AOI and SPI machines allows for a digital view of the collected defect data that extends down to the pin level. Traditional methods of identifying defects, such as manual, paper-based reports, are no longer necessary.

Data collected from CyberOptics is recorded directly into the FactoryLogix database and allows for a single source device history of the product for quick reporting without the need to export the raw data to an external source. Based on the collected pass and fail data, FactoryLogix can intelligently reroute the product to the appropriate reroute path. This increased efficiency in production saves both time and money for customers.

"With this new integration capability, customers will benefit from advanced defect collection, resulting in enhanced quality control. CyberOptics is excited to partner with Aegis on this initiative as it promises to be valuable for applications in highly-regulated industries," says Dick Johnson, Engineering Director, CyberOptics.

Aegis Software is the leading provider of innovative software solutions to improve speed, control and visibility throughout manufacturing operations. Aegis has international sales and support offices in Germany, UK, China and Japan, and is partnered with 37 manufacturing equipment suppliers. With a global customer base of over 1700 factories across the military, aerospace, electronics, medical, and automotive industries, Aegis delivers a unique level of capability, value, and time-to-value for its manufacturing customers. Learn more by visiting http://www.aiscorp.com.

About CyberOptics
CyberOptics Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBE) is a leading global developer and manufacturer of high precision sensing technology solutions. CyberOptics sensors are being used in general purpose metrology and 3D scanning, surface mount technology (SMT) and semiconductor markets to significantly improve yields and productivity. By leveraging its leading-edge technologies, the company has strategically established itself as a global leader in high precision 3D sensors, allowing CyberOptics to further increase its penetration of its key vertical segments. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, CyberOptics conducts worldwide operations through its facilities in North America, Asia and Europe.

Aegis Software

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Aegis Software Announces New Compatibility with CyberOptics
Aegis Software announced compatibility with CyberOptics' complete suite of award-winning SPI and AOI systems, and Aegis' FactoryLogix software. This new interface ...
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