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Santosh Kumar

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R&D Manager
MK Electron Co. Ltd

Santosh Kumar is R&D Manager at the MK Electron Co. Ltd., Korea and engaged in the electronic interconnect materials development and technical marketing. His key focus is novel lead-free solder materials, electronics packaging, wire bonding materials and process.

Santosh Kumar has submitted responses to the following questions.
Solution for Grape Effect
Graping is due to un-reflowed solder particles atop the solder mass. This results from higher lead-free reflow temperatures,the decrease in ...
ESD Grounding - 1 Meg Ohm Resistor
Toprevent the electrostatic charge build-up for ESD protection, everything whichcan acquire a charge is grounded including people working there. The ...
Challenges with 01005 Components
01005component size is small and it presents many challenges in its assembly.However, one of the most challenging aspect is solder ...