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Richard Henrick

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Quality Assurance/Regulatory Compliance Manager
Sanmina Corporation

Richard has 18 years experience in the medical electronics industry at both a contract manufacturer and OEM. His experience includes PWA and finished device manufacturing as a Manufacturing Engineer and during the past 7 years as plant Quality Assurance/Regulatory Compliance Manager. He holds 5 American Society for Quality Certifications and is a Certified IPC 610 Trainer.

Richard Henrick has submitted responses to the following questions.
ESD Grounding - 1 Meg Ohm Resistor
The resistor is a safety feature to limit the current in the event the operator touches an energized conductor. A ...
Twisting Multi-strand Wires
No, twisting is generally not necessary. However, IPC-A-610 states, "Wire strands disturbed during insulation removal process should be restored to ...