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May 13, 2014

RoHS Bill of Materials Crosscheck

We are CM for multiple customers. We currently have customers that spec a sn63/37 assembly and will list RoHS compliant BGA's on their Bill of Materials. Is there any service or database that will allow us to take a BOM and determine the max temperature of the components.

We usually catch most BGA's and LGA's by looking at datasheets, but recently we've noticed resistor networks and capacitors that cannot see the temperature required for the RoHS reflow profile. It is nearly impossible to pull data sheets for all the components for every build. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Experts Comments

J-STD-609A requires the labeling of component maximum temperatures. Here’s an example from that standard. You should contact your BGA supplier re: labeling per J-STD-609A.

The following is an example of 2nd Level Interconnect Component Label indicating a Pb-free e2 material with a maximum component temperature of 260C
Lee Wilmot
Director, EHS
TTM Technologies
Lee Wilmot has 20+ years doing EHS work in the PCB/PCBA industries, including environmental compliance, OSHA compliance, workers compensation, material content declarations, RoHS & REACH compliance. Active on IPC EHS committee and c-chaired committees on IPC-1331, J-STD-609A on labeling & marking, IPC-1758 on packaging and others.
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