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December 19, 2013

Silkscreen as a Masking Layer?

Can silkscreen effectively be used as an additional mask layer? For instance, if a negative silkscreen image is used it would coat an entire board except where the printed reference designators are located. The possible benefits are increased electrical insulation and resistance to chemical and mechanical damage. Has anyone ever done this before?


Experts Comments

Because you're re-purposing the material from Marking feature to Insulator function, you might first check with UL (presuming the end-product performs to UL).
Robert "Bob" Lazzara
Circuit Connect, Inc.
Bob has been in PCB design and fabrication since 1976. He has held elected positions with the SMTA, is a member of the MSD Council, has served as a committee member for various IPC standards and is a Certified IPC Trainer.
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