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February 8, 2010

Leadless Component Hand Soldering Help

We are seeing an increase in the use of leadless components on our assemblies, including many 20 lead ceramic leadless chip carriers.

Can you offer suggestions and tips for hand soldering these types of components?

S. R.

Experts Comments

Leadless devices can bridge without proper stencil design. There is a design formula used to determine proper deposition to wet the pad, create a good joint, and avoid bridging. Once rework becomes necessary, there are two ways to deposit paste. Print the board or print the component.

For printing the board, a small stencil could be made to clear neighboring devices that have already been loaded. This method has some challenges, such as registration issues and squeegee room.

The simplest method would be to use a component printing fixture and stencil to deposit paste on the component leads (similar to a BGA re-balling fixture). Then, place the component and reflow.

Stephanie Nash
Integrated Ideas & Technologies, Inc.
Stephanie Nash is the Director of Technical Services & Marketing for Integrated Ideas & Technologies, Inc., a premier manufacturer of SMT stencils. She has been instrumental in the stencil design and technical support.

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Bill Coleman
Vice President Technology
Photo Stencil
For over 18 years, Dr. Coleman has been the vice president of technology for Photo Stencil, working closely with customers to understand their printing requirements. His efforts have resulted in several new stencil products.
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