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April 29, 2009

Leaded components in a no lead process

We will be assembling circuit boards using an RoHS complient assembly line, however our customer does not have an RoHS lead free requirement. Are there any concerns if we use a few leaded components in this process? Are we likely to contaminate our wave solder bath?

J. B.

Experts Comments

It isn't going to be an issue of lead contamination so much as it might be an issue with reliability. We have seen issues with cracking when the lead gets above .4% in the solder joint.

Our suggestion would be to wait to go to lead free until you have all leaded components switched.

Mike Scimeca
FCT Assembly
Mike Scimeca created FCT Assembly after the purchase of Fine Line Stencil, Inc., and consists of two major operations: stencil manufacturing and the manufacturing of electronic assembly products such as solder paste, flux and solder bar.
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