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February 2, 2009

High Tg PCB requirement

Do we need to use a High Tg PCB material for a double sided PCB that is 62 mils thick if the PCB will only see one solder reflow step?


Experts Comments

Are you trying to process lead free metal? Do you have small packages on the board. Lifting pads could be of concern if processing at 850 degrees F. I personally prefer to use the higher Tg material in all my designs and have never got in trouble with processing both lead free or good old leaded solder.

Take a look at VT-47 Datasheet for Lead Free Assemblies.

James Mahoney
Applications Project Manager
Quick Turn Flex Circuits LLC
James Mahoney is a Technical Operations Manager with a 20 year track record in managing new product introduction. He is a skilled leader, motivator and problem solver with a strong background in Product Knowledge and Engineering Management.
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