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March 3, 2008

Type IV solder paste on 0201 application

Can I use type IV solder paste on 0201 application?

If it can be used, can you explain why it is an acceptable choice?

T. S. Y.

Experts Comments

Type 4 would be the paste of choice for 0201 applications. Rule of thumb is the stencil aperture size should at least 5 times larger than the average paste particle size. For type 4 the average particle size is roughly 30 microns. 5x that is 150 microns. Aperture size for 0201 are typically 200 to 250 microns.

Bill Coleman
Vice President Technology
Photo Stencil
For over 18 years, Dr. Coleman has been the vice president of technology for Photo Stencil, working closely with customers to understand their printing requirements. His efforts have resulted in several new stencil products.
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