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February 9, 2017

VIEWPOINT 2017: Phil Stoten, Founder, Scoop Communiations

VIEWPOINT 2017: Phil Stoten, Founder, Scoop Communiations
Phil Stoten, Founder, Scoop Communiations
I think we are in a period where manufacturing excellence and the pursuit of a more connected, traceable and agile operation is required.

I expect there to be investment around IoM (Internet of Manufacturing) initiatives in the sectors as manufacturers seek to show their customers that they have the best processes, particularly in sectors like mil/aero, automotive and medical where high levels of compliance are already expected.

Tools like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality) will start to become part of the IoM debate, just as they become more prevalent in other industries including the consumer market.

From a markets point of view 2017 is likely to be a big year for Smart Home products and as the use of Google Home and Alexa accelerate the adoption of these technologies.

The Automotive electronics industry looks set for another good year as they move further down the assisted driving path towards autonomous vehicles.

Phil Stoten, Founder
Scoop Communiations