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Feb 15, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Reza Meshgin, CEO, Multek
2018 was a landmark year for Multek. We were acquired by our new parent company DSBJ, started a year-long celebration of our 40th anniversary, and received more "green" ratings from the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) in Guangzhou, China, than all other PCB companies combined. Each of these milestones laid ...
Feb 14, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Brian Craig, Managing Director, European Operations, Indium Corporation
At Indium Corporation, we believe that materials science changes the world. As our industry continues to move at a tremendous speed and with no sign that the intensity will decrease--we will navigate by being aware and agile. This is more necessary than ever as we deal with the disruptive impacts of trade wars and other political ...
Feb 13, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Michael Sivigny, General Manager, CeTaQ Americas
If You Don't Measure, You Don't Know. As Independent Capability Analysis Experts supporting the worldwide electronics industry, CeTaQ provides on-site mobile measurement solutions for equipment performance validation. Whether you're an OEM looking to check your specs or the end user needing the highest level ...
Feb 12, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Bonnie Ludwig, PhD Product Development Manager, Resinlab
The pace of assignment of new restrictions and regulations on chemicals is increasing. This impacts the electronics assembly market, with RoHS and REACH are two of the most important and relevant regulations. Customers are now more aware of REACH and RoHS and are actively asking for 'clean', REACH and RoHS compliant products. ...
Feb 11, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Jamie Ellsworth, Global President, KitPackers
KitPackers is seeing an increase in interest in the use of flexible films in the packaging of chemicals. We have been providing small (4ml to 200ml) pouches filled with both one and two component adhesives and other resin systems like encapsulants for 20 years. More recently we are seeing a lot of activity in quoting, sampling and ...
Feb 8, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Milan Shah, President, Royal Circuit Solutions, Inc.
At Royal Circuit Solutions, our mission is to deliver beautiful boards fast! We do this by constantly investing in specific equipment and enabling software that enhances the customer experience starting with quoting and engineering, through DFM and production, and even down to the best shipping option. Royal Circuits has a full ...
Feb 7, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Lawrence Davis, President, Advanced Assembly
Engineers across the world are focused on developing new products faster and more efficiently than ever before. The competitive nature of the industry, combined with the technology driving IOT product development, requires engineers to constantly be first to market. In addition, companies are up-revving key products faster than ever ...
Feb 6, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Satoshi Otake, General Manager, Saki America
Saki investment in new technology, new equipment, and partnerships for M2M communication and connectivity will continue to be its focus in 2019. This includes transparency of equipment operation and processes so machines can work in sync and defect-free products can be produced with the speed and throughput necessary ...