Advertising Headlines

Headlines are key to driving visitors to your website. As you draft your headline, think about the following:
  • Does your headline touch a nerve?
  • Does it make a unique claim or statement?
  • Does it provoke curiosity?
  • Is it credible?
  • It is specific?
  • Does it have a news element?
  • Does it offer a compelling benefit for reading?
One way to get new ideas for headlines is to consider a variety of approaches to reaching your target audience. Here's a list of headlines you may wish to review the next time you place an online text ad.

Ask a Question
What Do QA Managers Know, That Others Don't?

Something New
New Flux Reduces Defects and Cleans Itself

See the Fastest Chip Shooter - Must See Breakthrough

Give a Command
Try Breaking This Wrist Strap, It's Virtually Indestructible

Use Numbers
Ever Hear of 12,000 Joints From a Single Iron Tip?

Promise Information
How to Avoid a Big Mistake Selecting a New Alloy

Highlight Your Offer
Now Order Stencils Online Just Like Airline Tickets

Tell a story
They Laughed When I Changed Fluxes, No One Is Laughing Now

5 Keys to Successful Soldering You Must Know Now

State a Benefit
Managing Multiple SMT Lines - Once Difficult, Now Easy

Make a Comparison
How to Solve Fume Problems At Half the Noise and Energy

Use Words That Help Visualize
Why Some No-clean Fluxes Stink Like Rotten Eggs

Use a Testimonial
Over 750 Cleaning Systems Sold Without A System Returned

Offer a Free Report or Booklet
Special Report - Reveals Test to Find BGA Joint Defects

State a Proposition Directly
X-ray Systems Rebuilt - Free Loaners Available

Arouse Curiosity
The One Multimeter You Must Own, It's Not What You Think!

Promise to Reveal a Secret
Unlock the Secret Formula to Unheard of Cleaning Quality

Be Specific
Loaded to 1000 lbs, You Can Pull These Carts With 1 Finger

We're Looking for Quality Managers Who Hate to Waste Energy

Use a Time Element
Thermal Profile Graphs Generated on the Fly Cost

Get a $979.00 Stanley Tool Set for Just $99.00!

Give Good News
You're Never too Inexperienced to Get Yourself IPC Certified

Offer an Alternative
No Time for IPC Certification, Use a Challenge Test

Issue a Challenge
Can Your ESD Floor Mats Stand the Steamroller Test?

Stress a Guarantee
Place 6000 Chips Per Minute or Your Money Back

State the Price
BGA Rework Service Only $99.00 Each

Seeming Contradiction
Profit From Dumping Waste Down the Drain: 100% Legal!

Exclusive Offer
Earn $500 in Credits With Your First Order

Address a Concern
Why Stencils Don't Last and What You Can Do About It

Crazy As It Sounds
Crazy As It Sounds Renting a Tester Costs Less Than Buying

Make a Big Promise
Increase Your SMT Line Output by 18 to 20%

Show ROI
Hiring the Wrong Person Can Costs You 3 Times Their Salary

Reasons-why Headline
7 Reasons Top EMS Companies Prefer ACME Templates

Answer Important Question
3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Screen Printer

Stress the Value
Upgrade to PriKore Frames - Receive $280 in Frames Free

Help Achieve a Goal
Eliminate Solder Dross Without Chemical Additives!

Here are a few more headline ideas:
  • Top 5 Reasons
  • Top Five Priorities
  • Top Five Concerns
  • Top Five Issues
  • Best Five Tools and Tricks
  • Five Need-to-Know Tactics
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